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Five Non-Starter to Watch Against the Saints

Cedric Griffin will likely be on the field quite a bit for Sunday's match up versus the Saints.
Cedric Griffin will likely be on the field quite a bit for Sunday's match up versus the Saints.

The Saints certainly present some unique match ups for the Redskins this Sunday, so who are the key non-starters who will play a big role in the "Big Easy" this weekend?

Cedric Griffin, CB: Yesterday Mike Shanahan hinted at DeAngelo Hall drawing Jimmy Graham as his primary assignment, which means you could see a lot of Cedric Griffin on the Saints talented wide receiver corps. Griffin struggled at the start of preseason but seemed to improve over the course of games. Look for Devery Henderson or Lance Moore to challenge the veteran corner.

DeJon Gomes, S: We're not sure who will get the starting nod at strong safety for the Skins this Sunday. Gomes and veteran Reed Doughty are expected to fill the void Brandon Meriweahther has left. Drew Brees is sure to challenge the Skins over the top, so the safeties will be an important part of this game. Also, look for Gomes to move up in the box quite a bit, filling a role LaRon Landry played when he was here.

Alfred Morris, RB: Who knows who will start or get the bulk of the carries for the Skins on Sunday. Evan Royster is projected to be the starter in the Super Dome, but if the Redskins want to control the tempo of the game they will likely have to mix in power of Alfred Morris.

Chris Baker, NT: The Saints may try to gas the Redskins defense with an uptempo game on Sunday, if this is the case the Swaggy better be ready when his turn comes up in the rotation. Drew Brees is a tough guy to get to and if Orakpo, Kerrigan, and others want to get to the veteran QB then they'll need the Skins nose tackle to eat up some blockers and help collapse the pocket.

Leonard Hankerson, WR: There has been a lot of talk on who will be active this week. Will it be Hankerson? Briscoe? or both. Both are not likely to suit up, so whichever one does (I'm predicting Hank) will have a great deal of internal pressure on them to perform at a high level. Hankerson will need to continue to grow his rapport with Robert Griffin III to continue to remain active throughout the season.