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NFC East Hot-Seat: Who Could be Gone in '13?

How much longer does Mike Shanahan have to groom a winner in DC?
How much longer does Mike Shanahan have to groom a winner in DC?

After a year that many NFC East fans would likely like to forget, could 2013 be a year where we see a slew of new coaches in the "BEast"? We all know the NFL is a cut throat league in terms of coaching, but is everyone's seat in the NFC East a little hotter than normal this year?

Andy Reid, Eagles: Jeffrey Lurie has already shaken up the Eagles after ousting long time president Joe Banner this offseason and he's let it publicly known that head coach Andy Reid could be next. Reid is the leagues longest tenured coach with thirteen years under his belt in Philly, but Lurie has let it be known that he could be searching for a new job if the Eagles fail to make it to the playoffs again in 2012.

Jason Garrett, Cowboys: We all know Jerry Jones isn't a patient man and Jason Garrett's 13-11 record as his head coach just isn't going to cut it. There have been rumors that if the Boys have another poor season Jones may not just pull the plug on the Garrett era, but also the Tony Romo era. Garrett will likely have to get back to playoffs to solidify his job in 2013.

Mike Shanahan, Redskins: Speaking of impatience, when will Mount Snyder blow on the ShanAllen regime? Shanahan is just 11-21 in first two years as the Redskins head man and the prospects may be bleak for a winning season in 2012, despite drafting Robert Griffin III. How much longer will Dan Snyder give Shanahan to develop his young nucleus and quarterback into a winner?

Tom Coughlin, Giants: A Super Bowl coach on the hot seat? Only in New York. Is Coughlin really on the hot seat? No. But you know at some point this season the New York media will portray it as such. Coughlin turned 66 last week and the three time Super Bowl champ may consider retirement soon also.