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Redskins Avoid Walking the Plank

The Redskins survive three Billy Cundiff missed field goals to prevail late in Tampa Bay.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Today began with a bad omen as Brandon Meriweather and Aldrick Robinson collided in pre-game warm ups and both were inactive for today's game. Meriweather was thought to solidify a struggling secondary and Robinson could've been a key part of the Redskins passing game. Despite these injuries Robert Griffin III was able to find nine different receivers and sneak past the Buccaneers 24-22 in Tampa.

The Redskins first half started out well as the team went into halftime with a 21-6 lead over the hometown Bucs. Josh Freeman stormed back in the second half to take take a 22-21 lead on the Skins. As the Redskins went down by a point late in the game, the only thing fans could think about was Billy Cundiff's three missed field goals throughout the game. One field goal was from deep, but the other two were extremely within a realistic distance.

With the game on the line RG3 took the field to lead the Redskins to a victory. There was only one problem, his headset and communication with the coaches went out. Despite that, RG3 lead the team down the field and Billy Cundiff redeemed himself hitting a 41 yarder.

The Redskins can't help to avoid close, exciting games as they welcome the 4-0 Falcons to FedEx Field this week.

RG3 was 26 for 35 for 323 passing yards, 43 rushing yards and a touchdown. Rookie Alfred Morris returned to home state to garner 113 yards and a touchdown. Fred Davis was the Skins leading receiver with 70 yards.

What are your key takeaways from this game and who are some of the players that really shined in your eyes?