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Introducing: Dan's Sack

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I’ve got a new weekly series coming to Hogs Haven. But to really understand its significance (~zero), you will have to understand a little more about me. I’m still relatively new to the staff, and I’ve never taken time to really explain where I come from and what I do.

In addition to being a part of the Hogs Haven community, I write for Pro Football Focus, which is an advanced football metrics site as well as the home of the best damn fantasy football analysis on the web. I'm one of their fantasy writers, and the bulk of my content pertains to IDP leagues. Like Hogs Haven, I was a huge fan of their content long before I was asked to come aboard. I’m thrilled that I write for both.

So needless to say, I’m a huge fan of fantasy football and have spent countless hours crunching metrics, honing draft strategies and determining the best weekly matchups. And since there are about 600 different Hogs Haven community leagues this season, I’m going to start a weekly Q and A mail-sack that will address any fantasy football questions.

Use the comments section of this post to ask away, or feel free to tweet me @PFF_Dan and I’ll get back to you in my mailbag post Wednesday afternoon or on Twitter if I run out of space.

(*Uses best Tebow voice*) I’m really excited to help out in any way I can. Now, who has a question for my sack?

(*That last part was also in Tebowvoice* )