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Week 4 Story-lines: Redskins vs. Bucs

What are the biggest story-lines to keep an eye on heading into Tampa Bay this weekend?

Streeter Lecka - Getty Images

Did you know that the word Buccaneer comes from the Caribbean Arawakan word buccan, which is a wooden frame made for smoking meats? Preferably manatee. yuuuuumm manatee... Yea that's right these Tampa jerks eat manatees, how messed up is that?

Story-line #1: RRRRRRRR... We going to play better on defense?
I think the biggest worry for Skins fans coming into this week is how the defense will respond to two, maybe even three, lackluster performances in a row. The Buccaneers have more weapons than the last time we saw them with that scallywag Vincent Jackson, Doug Martin, and others, so the Skins will have to bring their "A" game to succeed in the sunshine state.

Story-line #2: Thar She Blows, Ole Captain Coming Back to Port: The Return of Raheem Morris
Former Bucs coach Raheem Morris comes back to his old stomping grounds for the first time. This may not be as big of a deal in DC, but it's a huge deal down in Tampa. Having the seadog on our team doesn't hurt us because we are not using Tampa's defensive scheme. In the very least Raheem knows Tampa's personnel, especially on defense and the Redskins may have a slight competitive edge and may be planning a victory party at Lee Roy Selmon's BBQ.

Story-line #3: Will RG3 continue to shiver me timbers?
Robert Griffin III has been all that Redskins fans could've hoped for through three weeks of the season. Can RG3 keep it up and can his body continue to take the beating its been doled out so far. The Bengals had a solid defensive plan in the first half of last week's game, but then the Redskins had to go to an option offense in the second half that is likely not viable long term. To get these hornswaggles to walk the plank RG3 is going to have to have another big game on the Gulf.

Story-line #4: Batten Down the Hatches! Feed the Fishes: Jordan Black may be comin ashore!
Trent Williams hasn't practiced all week, will he be available Sunday? Its looking bleak, which means that son of a biscuit eater Jordan Black will be taking over duties on our port side. Black has to improve if we want to roll-out and have a successful day with this offense. In reality the whole offensive line has to step up to be succesful in the air and on the high seas.

Story-line #5: Davy Jones Locker: Every Buccaneers nightmare!
I mean we just signed back a dude named David Jones, for Bucs week... Coincidence? I think not.