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When do our On-Field Leaders Become Accountable?

Who is to blame for the Redskins defensive struggles and who can get them back on track?

Larry French - Getty Images

I think its pretty clear that thus far in the season our defense has stunk. It seems like forever that we've had a pretty solid defense and no offense, now it seems as if we are experiencing the opposite. There has been a lot of blame thrown from the fanbase at defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. Is it warranted? I don't know, certainly adjustments need to be made. There has been less blame thrown at defensive backs coach Raheem Morris who was hailed as a magic bullet by some to improve a secondary that, frankly, lacks significant talent. But for all the vitriol displayed over Haslett and the fans scape goat of the "casino" blitz why is there no blame thrown at our on-field leaders?

Who am I talking about? WARNING: Blasphemy Alert.... London Fletcher. There is no denying what Fletcher has done as a Redskins, he may very well be the best linebacker in the history of the franchise. In the a time where the Redskins have been a beacon of all that is wrong with running an NFL franchise, Fletcher has been a rock in terms of leadership and his play on the field. As uncle Ben once said "with great power comes great responsibility" so how does the blame and lack of on-field adjustments not come down on the defensive captain at some point? When these guys are getting pounded in the second quarter it is up to someone to get their team to make a stand.

Lets not kid ourselves, Fletcher doesn't have the personality of Ray Lewis but I find myself noticing #59 a lot less this year (except for the couple of easy interceptions he's dropped). Especially as a field general. It could just be me, and it probably is. But at this point in the season we need our leaders on the defensive side of the ball to step up. The same goes for DeAngelo Hall and "his" secondary.

I've always had a theory when it comes to the NFL, about 99% of the players are on the same talent level. There are the one percenters like Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis, etc. but everyone else is hanging out at the same level. Sure there are differences in playing styles and schemes that one may excel in, but when it comes down to it it doesn't matter if we think if a particular guy sucks. Units in this league, whether it is a secondary or offensive line can flourish by simply playing together and being on the same page. Right now, our defense seems to be on eleven separate pages and its up to our leaders to reign everyone back in.