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Got Fantasy Questions for Week 4? Time to ask Dan!

It's time, fantasy nerds. If you have any questions regarding trades, starts/sits, waiver claims or if you just need to change your team name to something more clever, put them in the comments section.

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Last week, I got a lot of questions about benching guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Wes Welker. And if you benched them, then...yikes.

The season is still young, and there are plenty of potential stars who haven't hit their stride yet. The message this week is to be patient. Start your studs, because you never know when a guy like Jamaal Charles will reward your patience like he did with me last week (God, that was awesome!).

The point is, if you're going to make the wrong decision when you set your lineups, be wrong for the right reasons. Now, let's start the "Q" part of the Q and A session!