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Daily Slop: Tony Dungy Impressed By RG3, Offense; Josh Wilson Says Replacement Refs Put His Career At Stake

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Reports: Kyle Shanahan Fined $25K for Berating Official " CBS DC
Kyle Shanahan has been fined $25,000 for profanity-laced comments directed at a replacement official following the Washington Redskins loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday according to multiple reports.

Redskins vs. Bengals: Studs and Duds (defense) |
LB Rob Jackson. The guy makes his first start a memorable one. What we here at Studs and Duds Inc., look for are playmakers and Jackson qualified as one don’t you think? He made a good read on the diving interception for a touchdown.

Josh Wilson Tells Holden & Danny Replacement Refs Put His Career At Stake " CBS DC

"I thank God it wasn’t me back there," Wilson said of the play. "This is bad, that interception – that was the game. To miss a call like that, I couldn’t imagine what would have happened in DC."

RG3 Report: Bengals review |

The final two drives showed that Robert Griffin III is able to stay composed and patient in pressure situations. The Bengals kept giving the Redskins underneath throws, so Griffin kept taking those and moved the ball down the field twice. Had it not been for clock mismanagement at the end of the third, and they had one time out, they could have tied the game

Redskins vs. Bengals: Studs and Duds (defense) |
LB Rob Jackson. The guy makes his first start a memorable one. What we here at Studs and Duds Inc., look for are playmakers and Jackson qualified as one don’t you think? He made a good read on the diving interception for a touchdown.

5 Observations So Far of 2012 Washington Redskins | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog

Mike Shanahan’s job security I have been a solid supporter of Mike Shanahan the past three seasons and will continue to believe he is the right person for the job. But, for the first time I have major questions in some the decision makings he has made as VP and as head coach.

The NFL Is Ruining Its Own Brand With Cheap Replacement Refs " CBS DC

Hey America, want to know what a company looks like when it fires all its experienced workers and hires on cheap replacements?

Mike Shanahan ‘really disappointed’ in AP reporter - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post

The subject of Kyle Shanahan’s late-game behavior was first raised on Monday by The Post’s Mark Maske. The veteran beat writer asked Mike Shanahan for his reaction to the NFL saying it would look into Kyle Shanahan’s behavior, and to the league acknowledging an incorrect spot after the unsportsmanlike conduct call

Alfred Morris Has Been Impressive so Far This Season for the Redskins

Washington Redskins rookie running-back Alfred Morris has been everything you could ask for in a 6th round draft pick so far this season.

The Redskins Blog | Behind Enemy Lines: Bucs Edition

On how the Buccaneers have changed since their preseason loss to the Redskins: "I think we’ve learned a lot more about this team. You know, there was so much transition here with a new coaching staff, and new systems on both side of the ball, that what we saw in the preseason, while it was somewhat of a preview, you really didn’t know how it would translate in the regular season with regulars playing, you know, starting players on the field and the playbook be opened up a little bit more.

The Redskins Blog | Tony Dungy Impressed By RG3, Offense

On if Griffin III running the ball so much should be a concern: "Well I don’t know, he’s done that his whole college career. What you are saying is people are taking shots at him. I noticed that Cincinnati definitely went after him, even when he handed the ball off and that is the danger you’re taking putting that option game in. As he said on his interview, that’s the way he plays and he’s not ready to back down."

NFL acknowledges refs spotted ball incorrectly before Redskins’ final play [updated]

The 20 yards in penalties should have moved the ball to the Redskins’ 46-yard line. Instead, the officials assessed 25 penalty yards and placed the ball at the Redskins’ 41. NFL spokesman Michael Signora said Monday that the ball was "incorrectly spotted."

Rookie QB Week 3 rankings: Andrew Luck edges RG3 -

It's hard to know where the bad protection ended and RG3's miserable first half began, but the Washington Redskins could not get anything going before halftime against the Cincinnati Bengals. Sometimes he held the ball too long, sometimes he had no chance.

Redskins offense still gets high marks

Despite losing the past two games, the Redskins offense moves the ball and scores points with good pace.

Grades: D not getting it done

Grading the game: The Redskins went into the game with the goal of limiting big plays but they gave up a bunch of them against the Bengals.

Need to Know: 'Little' injuries force a roster move - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

On Monday, when asked about Evan Royster’s health, Mike Shanahan said that he had "a little strained patella tendon". When asked about Roy Helu Jr., Shanahan said that he had "a little bit of turf toe". Apparently those two little injuries added up to a big concern as the Redskins went out and signed themselves a running back. Ryan Grant will be with the team when they take the field to practice today.

Why is RG3 getting hit so much? - Washington Times

"A couple of those times he’s laying as crooked as a question mark on the ground, and you’re like: He’s not moving," guard Kory Lichtensteiger said. "You’re wondering what’s going on, and then he slowly peels himself back up."

Tuesday Thoughts

Josh Wilson's fumble recovery for the Redskins on Sunday, that was forced by Richard Crawford on BenJarvus Green-Ellis first career fumble lost, should have probably counted for a touchdown. As the DC Sports Bog laid out on Monday,, Wilson was never touched down nor was there any Bengals player even close.

HTTR24-7-" Would Playing A 3-4 Under Defense Stop a Redskins Defensive Freefall?
Two tight end sets and spread formations with quick passes have essentially destroyed the Redskins pass rush. Barry Cofield does command double teams at times, but can’t seem to beat the center one-on-one, and he doesn’t get enough push up the middle. If Cofield gets single blocked by the center, that means the defensive ends get double teamed. That leaves tight ends and running backs to pickWe get pass rush off the edges, but the quarterback still has a clean pocket to step up into. Meanwhile, our zone defenses get picked apart.

Redskins, RGIII can’t let courage outweigh wisdom - The Washington Post
"Even if they have to cart me off the field, I’m going to get up off that cart and walk away." Even if they have to cart me off the field . . . Think about that. The fortitude in those words is so raw, authentic, flat-out commendable. And crazy. Doesn’t it sound frighteningly like a premonition?

New Jersey Legislator Seeks Ban on NFL Replacement Refs -
A New Jersey legislative leader wants to ban NFL replacement referees from his state after a disputed call cost the Green Bay Packers their Monday night game.

N.F.L. Has Bigger Problems Than Officials -
The replacement officials have been abysmal, but the loss of part of Matt Schaub's ear is an example of the N.F.L.'s biggest long-range problem.