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Week 4 Redskins Power Rankings

A look at how media outlets around the league are ranking the Redskins after their Week 3 loss.

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They've scored more points than any team, but only three have allowed more.


RG3 is going to wear down physically if he continues to take the pounding he took on Sunday. The read option can't be an every-series call in the NFL, defense are just too fast and too instinctive. I'm not saying they can't use his athleticism, because they need to, I'm simply suggesting that they manage it


21 17 First-ranked offense, 29th-ranked defense. Got a feeling we'll see numbers like a few more times in the RGIII era.


That victory in New Orleans to open the season doesn't look as good now. They have big-time defensive problems.


30 22 The injuries on the defensive side of the ball are responsible for this ranking. In Sunday's 38-31 loss to the Bengals, you saw a defense that had just lost Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker for the season, with a secondary that was letting receivers run around like little kids at a public swimming pool. Through three games, Washington has allowed opposing quarterbacks to throw for 1,050 yards and 10 touchdowns.

25 22 The Redskins rushing offense looks to be a very effective unit so far, unfortunately that has been the only area of the team that has played with any consistency. Struggles along the offensive line are making the passing offense come back to earth and the defense has been pretty pathetic with the exception of a few big plays that has helped keep them in games. The Redskins will head out on the road for the third time this week, as they go to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in what is turning into a must win game for the Redskins.


18 The defense was atrocious again and this team needs to get back to .500 before they get to their meat of their schedule.

1. Houston Texans: The Texans continue to roll with an impressive victory at Mile High.
2. Atlanta Falcons: Could Atlanta be the best team in the NFL coming into FedEx Field in Week 5?
3. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens responded after a tough loss to beat the Patriots. This team is still the cream of the crop in the AFC.
4. New York Giants: Tom Coughlin's squad dismantled the Panthers and not turn to face their NFC East rival, the Eagles.
5. San Francisco 49ers: The Niners had a tough week in Minnesota and now have to head across country to take on the Jets.
6. Arizona Cardinals: No one is sure how good this Cardinals team is, but you can't argue with 3-0.
7. Chicago Bears: The Bears struggled a bit with the Rams and now they have a tough test with Dallas coming to town.
8. Cincinnati Bengals: They've yet to beat a quality team but a win is a win is a win.
9. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys needed a little help from the refs to move to 2-1 over the Bucs.
10. Seattle Seahawks:
The Seahawks are kind of 2-1 and good enough for our Top 10.
11. New England Patriots
12. Green Bay Packers
13. San Diego Chargers
14. Philadelphia Eagles
15. New York Jets
16. Buffalo Bills
17. Minnesota Vikings
18. Denver Broncos
19. Pittsburgh Steelers
20. Detroit Lions
21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
22. St. Louis Rams
23. Kansas City Chiefs
24. Washington Redskins
25. Tennessee Titans
26. Oakland Raiders

27. Miami Dolphins
28. Carolina Panthers
29. Indianapolis Colts

30. Jacksonville Jaguars
31. New Orleans Saints
32. Cleveland Browns