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Recapping Redskins Loss to Bengals with Dumb & Dumber Animated Gifs

The Redskins loss to the Bengals was an emotional rollercoaster that can best be relived through short, animated gifs from the movie, Dumb and Dumber.

Hmm, the Bengals show the wildcat to start the game....and....Sanu throws a long bomb to AJ Green for a 73-yard touchdown.


Bengals get the ball back, and Rob Jackson intercepts Andy Dalton in the endzone for a TD. 7-7!


Bengals score three straight times (2 TDs and a FG), including another long TD, a 48-yard pass to Armon Binns...

Me to the Fedex Field beer vendor at this point....


Redskins open the second half with a nice five minute drive capped with an Alfred Morris 7-yard TD run. 24-10 Bengals.


Redskins then force the Bengals to go three and out. Robert Griffin III with another stellar drive capped with a short TD pass to Santana Moss to tie the game at 24-24!!!


The Bengals then score two consecutive touchdowns, including a 59-yard TD to Andrew Hawkins, to go up 38-31...

RGIII then scores on a two yard TD run and now has the ball back to start a game tying drive in the final minute!!


This pic sums up how smooth the Redskins final drive was. Griffin sacked for a 15-yard loss. Then he spiked the ball with 7 seconds left. Then tight end Fred Davis was called for a false start. Then coach Marvin Lewis and the Bengals, anticipating a 10-second runoff thought the game was over and walked on the field. Then an official called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on a livid Redskins sideline (Kyle Shanahan) and marked off 25 yards in penalties instead of 20. The 3rd and 50 pass goes incomplete. Game over. Loss.


The Redskins pass protection without Trent Williams....


To the people trying to tell me the Redskins won't win another game this year....


Mike Shanahan to all the critical Redskins fans and media.....


Robert Griffin III....


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