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Monday Morning Meltdown: NOBODY FREAK OUT!

O what could've been...
O what could've been...

Outside of the actual games on Sunday, Monday has to be the most entertaining day there is for NFL fans. We wake up and enter the world of hyperbole, overreactions, and total meltdown. We all do it. We yell about officials, play calls, players, coaches, and anything else we can grab on to about a loss. I have a rule... get it all out on Monday. Once Tuesday hits, turn the corner and worry about the Raheem Morris Bowl in Tampa Bay the weekend. We need a place to get it all out, so I felt the need to create Monday Morning Meltdown. Here are some key takeaways and melt down points I had about yesterday.

The Defense: Lets face it, they just flat out stink and there may be no cure on tap for this year. We all knew the secondary was garbage coming into the season and that is still holding true. Also, the pass rush at this point of the season has been borderline embarrassing. Finally, not to be blasphemous or anything, but has anyone else noticed London Fletcher drop about, ummmm I don't know, THREE interceptions this year?

Second Half Offense: It was awesome to see the Skins come back so quickly in the 2nd half yesterday, but did anyone else feel like they had been transported to a Georgia Tech game? Its great we can go to this watered down zone read option when our offense is sputtering, but this type of offense is not viable long-term. Teams will find a way to adjust. The best news is that the Bucs are likely screwed in preparation for next weeks game, they don't know what's coming. Also where was Santana Moss yesterday?

DeAngelo Hall: I mentioned DHall playing special teams on the podcast this past week and the liability that it presents. I have no problem with the notion of him on special teams, but I also don't know how smart it is sending your top corner down the field to get gassed right away. I mentioned that the first thing I would do after a kick off was run a deep route with AJ Green to make DHall run all the way down the field again. Whoops!

Brandon Banks: Four fumbles! Count 'em people, FOUR! Sooner or later this is really going to bite us in the butt.

Replacement Refs: Lets just face it. 1) We're stuck with these guys for the foreseeable future. 2) They suck. There is no getting around it. I can deal with the suckiness, but the lack of consistency is just brutal.

Hogs Haven Tailgaters: Had a great time getting to see the HH crew and meeting some of you yesterday in the parking lot. Two things are constant at every HH tailgate, Liger's brisket is delicious and Ken is by far the creepiest dude there.

You're turn... GET IT ALL OUT and then take a deep breath.