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Redskins Lose to Bengals in Home Opener 38-31

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We are who we thought we were...............seriously!

Our worst nightmares came true during our home opener to the Cincinnati Bengals and their porous defense, but our Redskins were the ones left looking like a sieve after a 38-31 beating at the hands of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. Dalton lit up the Redskins secondary for 328 yards and three scores, and A.J. Green had nine receptions for 183 yards and one touchdown(a 73 yard strike from rookie receiver Mohamed Sanu).

My nightmare took place when Trent Williams suffered a knee injury early in the game, and although he made a brief return, he was not able to continue, and had to give way to journyman offensive tackle Jordan Black. Black was horrible in reserve duty(what else would you expect from a guy who was retired from football a year ago), giving up multiple sacks and quarterback pressures.

Almost just as bad, was the performance of our secondary. For the third week in a row we allowed an opposing quarterback to carve up our secondary like a Thanksgiving turkey. So far on this young season, the Redskins defense has allowed 101 points, 955 passing yards and 10 passing touchdowns. This is not acceptable!

What we know:

- Our corners and safeties can't cover an 85 year old man in a wheelchair.

- Morris can run(yeah, I may have to eat some crow on this).

- Banks may be more valuable than we think.

- Black and Polumbus(especially Black)are horrible!

- Ryan Kerrigan is now getting held twice as much(teams gotta make up for no Orakpo).

- Robert Griffin is a gamer!

- Jim Haslett needs to be fired!

- We NEED the regular officials back!

- Ladies and gentlemen, we had a Fred Davis sighting.

My biggest question of the game:

- Is Madieu Williams still being paid by the Bengals?