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Week 3 Redskins Power Rankings

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RG3 still looks legit, but key injuries on defense could cost them a chance to contend.


RG3 has looked very impressive during the first two weeks, but he needs to play even better now that the Redskins will be without two defensive studs for the remainder of the season. Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker combined for 14.5 sacks last season, and that is a lot of productivity to lose for the season in a single game


17 16 The bad news is they lost the game. The good news is RGIII still looks legit.


That defense didn't live up to the Week 1 performance they had against the Saints. Without Adam Carriker and especially Brian Orakpo, both out for the season with injuries, the Redskins could have real problems the rest of the way.


22 15
The Redskins are a shade behind the team they lost to, and a shade ahead of the team they beat -- and better than people might think. Unfortunately, Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker are out for the season. If you're a Washington fan and are ticked off, try throwing a football at someone.

22 The Redskins offense has looked good so far, but their defense and special teams have really struggled. The season ending losses of Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker were the last thing the Redskins needed and will likely cost them a couple games throughout the year.

14 The defense was pitiful and much of the team's conduct was embarrassing including Trent Williams, DeAngelo Hall, Brandon Banks, and Josh Morgan. Hopefully the Skins don't continue to embarrass themselves in the home opener. The match up I'll be keeping an eye on is the speed and power of Bengals lineman Geno Atkins versus our o-line.

Hogs Haven Power Rankings after the jump...

1. San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers continue to impress with a great defense and a powerful running game.
2. Houston Texans: The Texans still haven't really played anyone, but that changes as they visit the Broncos this week.
3. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons have looked really good to start off the season and now head to left coast to take on the Chargers
4. Green Bay Packers: Is the Pack back? Aaron Rodgers crew looked a lot better in a Week 2 dismantling of the Bears. Now they head for a tough match up at Seattle.
5. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens lost a tough one on the road and a questionable one at that.
6. New England Patriots: Gostkowski turned into Shankapotamous and now the Pats head to take on the Ravens on Sunday night.
7. San Diego Chargers: Big jump for the Chargers who get a great test this week as they welcome the Falcons to town.
8. Philadelphia Eagles: It hasn't been pretty for the Eagles, but they are 2-0.
9. New York Giants: The Giants were really close to dropping to 0-2 but they fought back versus the Bucs. Now the G-Men have a quick turnaround to take on a tricky Panthers squad.
10. Arizona Cardinals: 2-0? After beating the Pats? Maybe these guys deserve some respect...
11. Denver Broncos
12. Pittsburgh Steelers
13. Chicago Bears
14. Detroit Lions
15. New York Jets
16. Cincinnati Bengals
17. Seattle Seahawks
18. Washington Redskins

19. Dallas Cowboys
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
21. Buffalo Bills
22. Carolina Panthers
23. St. Louis Rams
24. Kansas City Chiefs
25. New Orleans Saints
26. Tennessee Titans
27. Oakland Raiders
28. Indianapolis Colts
29. Miami Dolphins

30. Minnesota Vikings
31. Cleveland Browns
32. Jacksonville Jaguars