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Plays to Remember: RGIII's Two Long Bombs vs Rams

Man, for the umpteenth consecutive year, the week after a Rams game has always been kick to the groin. Even after Jim Zorn narrowly beat the Rams at Fedex Field 9-7 in 2009, Skins fans booed the team as they left the field. Well, we've matured since then (right?). Instead, let's focus on some positives, and for me, that's the two long passes Robert Griffin III attempted.

Up first is RGIII's 2nd quarter TD pass to Leonard Hankserson. Everything on this play is perfect: the protection, the throw, and of course the 6. How many previous Redskins QBs would underthrow (Brunell, McNabb, Rex, Beck) or overthrow (Campbell) this pass? The Bengals will have to respect Redskins WRs from getting behind them.


Not nearly as spectactular, RGIII again airs it out deep to Aldrick Robinson...

Despite having Josh Morgan open in the flat, RGIII does the right thing and it airs it out when he sees Robinson in 1-on-1 coverage deep. Unfortunately, the young WR mishandled the ball, but it's safe to say deep balls are back in D.C. for the first time since the Bill Clinton era. (AYE-OOOOH).