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Daily Slop: Carriker Expected to Have Surgery on Knee; Shanahan Says Playing Garcon Might Have ‘Set Him Back’


Rams 31, Redskins 28: Ten observations |
Losing Adam Carriker is big. Carriker is not a great player, but he is fine. Some say solid; some around the league would consider him average. But he definitely helped the Redskins’ D and seemed to be a good fit in the 3-4. But, again, the depth. Jarvis Jenkins was drafted for a reason. Now he must start playing like the guy coaches raved about last summer (as well as myself; he looked great). But he still plays with inconsistent leverage, particularly when he reaches his second step and gets too low. It was telling that Kedric Golston played a lot more than Jenkins once Carriker was hurt.

Audio: Mike Shanahan, Josh Morgan and Redskins Talk Officials and Blown Chances " CBS DC
"You can’t lose your poise in those situations," head coach Mike Shanahan said. "When you lose your poise like that, it will cost you games."

Mike Shanahan says playing Pierre Garcon might have ‘set him back’
"I felt like if we did play him, he might only play five or six plays," Shanahan said. "I just thought we might set him back."

Mike Shanahan: Billy Cundiff’s chances were better than the offense’s on fourth and 16
"It was fourth and [16]. I thought he could make a 62-yarder…. At fourth and [16], it was not great odds…. I thought it was at least worth a shot," Shanahan said. "He can kick it out of the end zone pretty consistently from the 35-yard line [on kickoffs]. So that means he could kick a 62-yard [field goal] if he hits it right."

RG3 Report: Rams 31, Redskins 28 |
He didn’t win the game, but Robert Griffin III also didn’t shrink from the moment. Actually, he looked rather calm and that’s always a good sign in a rookie QB. He definitely had his moments when he looked like a rookie, but not in the fourth quarter. Griffin didn’t force the issue on the next-to-last drive when the Redskins had a third and long. Instead he dumped it off, got some positive yards and got off the field. No forcing the ball.

Carriker expected to have surgery on knee; Orakpo may miss time
Shanahan said only that Orakpo had a pectoral injury, but as he left the locker room hurriedly, he said that was on his way to be examined by James Andrews, the physician who conducted his surgery in the offseason. "It just ripped on me, man," Orakpo said. "Same injury as before. It’s just frustrating, man."

Josh Morgan: ‘I should’ve just kept my calm’
"I should’ve just kept my calm. We were driving. I should’ve kept my calm," Morgan said. The skirmish certainly wasn’t the first of the game. From the early going on, Rams and Redskins players mixed it up after plays and often had to be separated from each other by officials.

Thoughts on the Washington Redskins Week 2 Game | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
I'll have more detailed analysis after I can go back and watch the game, here are my initial thoughts of the Washington Redskins 31-28 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Rams-Redskins best and worst - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Other Best RGIII Stat: He is the first rookie to throw a touchdown pass of 65 or more yards in each of his team’s first two games of a season since Cincinnati’s Greg Cook in 1969.

Griffin III Matches Rypien's Feat From 1993
This was the first time in 19 years that a Redskins quarterback had two rushing scores in the same game, since Redskins great Mark Rypien did it on Nov. 7, 1993 against the Indianapolis Colts. It was a span of nearly 19 years, with 297 Redskins regular season games in between.

Fletcher: 'We Didn't Play Well Enough To Win'
"You know what, defensively, we didn’t play well enough to win," Fletcher said. "I take responsibility for that as a captain of the defense, and I don’t feel good about that. "That’s on me."

Wrap-up: Rams 31, Redskins 28 - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Rookie Alfred Morris was once again the only Redskins running back of note, collecting 89 rushing yards on 16 carries. Griffin carried the ball 11 times, but no other Redskin got more than one carry. Roy Helu got none, and was only targeted once in the passing game. Morris is the Redskins' running back right now. Not sure how long it'll last, but he's not doing anything to prod a change.

Anatomy of a loss: Redskins lose their cool

Losing control: Before Morgan’s loss of composure, tension had been building on both sidelines after countless shoving matches, tussles and fracases. Although no one came right out and said the replacement referees lost control of the game, it was implied. "I don’t think anything really needs to be said," Shanahan said of the officiating. "If you watch the game, you can see what happened during that game." Rams Coach Jeff Fisher said: "I know Mike [Shanahan] was frustrated at times today and I was frustrated at times today. Again, I’ve said the same thing I’ve been saying since the preseason: these aren’t the regular guys. They’re doing the absolute best they can."

NFL Videos: RG3: 'Bring it on'

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is staying positive after a disappointing Week 2 loss to the St. Louis Rams and preparing for his next matchup.

DALY: Redskins lived on the edge, but then fell off - Washington Times

As much as anything, this was the game that exposed the Redskins for what they are. Griffin’s many talents make them much more dangerous offensively; that’s increasingly obvious. But defensively, especially with Orakpo largely a spectator, Shanahan’s club isn’t going to scare anybody. The secondary is particularly suspect — as we expected it to be.

Shoddy, inconsistent officiating making NFL games hard to enjoy - Monday Morning QB - Peter King -

Last week I thought the replacement officials were adequate. Watching football Sunday, I felt like a passenger in a car going 20 miles an hour too fast on a mountain road with hairpin turns; we weren't going to die, but it was going to be a dicey ride.