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Recapping the Redskins Loss to Rams With Seinfeld Animated Gifs

The first play from scrimmage, Perry Riley forces a fumble and Josh Wilson with an easy scoop and return for a Touchdown!!!! 7-0 Redskins!


Hankerson is on the field!!!!


68-yard perfect pass for a TD to Hankerson...Redskins are up 21-6!!!!!!!!!! Cheerings_medium

Rams retaliate with 80-yard drive and TD pass to Danny Amendola. How about that Redskins defense????


Rams get the ball right back after a RGIII interception, score another passing TD, and take the lead. At this point it's clear this will be our defense for the rest of the day.


London Fletcher with a huge Redskins red zone interception to hold on the Redskins small lead!!


Oh my f'n drive....punt just got blocked from up the gut for the second week in a row.


What Redskins fans are doing to Danny Smith right now...and what I'd like to do to the replacement refs.


Cortland Finnegan to Josh Morgan after his retaliation knocked the Redskins out of FG range.

(earlier this week Morgan even talked to the Washington Post about not retaliating to Finnegan's antics).

The Redskins pass rush without Orakpo.


What Shanahan should have said to Haslett when he ran his Rams' defensive scheme by him on Wednesday.


My response to the decision to stick with it despite it clearly not working:


The level of embarrassment the Redskins defensive coaching staff should feel right now:


Redskins' fans outlook for the rest of the season based on Twitter last night:


To all the Rams fans who trolled me on Twitter gloating the Redskins loss:


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