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Hogs Haven Round Table: Was the Redskins IR Designation Wasted on Nick Sundberg?

Once again, we are back for another edition of the Hogs Haven Round Table.

The topic of this week's discussion is: "Was it smart for Mike Shanahan to use the team's one allowed IR (Injured reserve) designation on Nick Sundberg in week 2"?

CLICK HERE to see the IR Designation rule

I think its a terrible idea. I mean we're talking about a long snapper. I've been hearing for years how Sundberg may be a weak link on our special teams and now we're using our one new IR spot on a guy because of a historic tale? What if an actual meaningful player goes down this week and slated to be out a month or two? I think we could've very easily let Sundberg go and re-sign him whenever he heals.

I'm really struggling with this one. From a GM perspective, it feels like a bad decision, but it absolutely sends the right message to the team that hard-working warriors will get treated with loyalty. I believe Sundberg has broken that arm before, so in that sense, is it really that hard to find an adequate, quality, replacement snapper? How often do you see horrendous punt or FG snaps? Even CLE has had stability there. I'm glad that's not my decision to make, but I probably would have put Sundberg on the permanent IR and left our IR designation open.

I think this is an insane idea. If each team is allowed only one designation per year then I cannot understand why they would place a long snapper on that list. I would think the team could find a reliable option elsewhere if need be in this situation and still have the open spot while Sundberg goes to the season ending IR list. Now, if the team suffers an injury to a top notch star, who could perhaps come back towards the end of the season, there is not an option for it.

I love Nick Sundberg. Love. But if we are locked into him as our only option to bring back from the IR, I would have to say it is an insanely bad move. You can't underestimate the value of a solid long snapper...granted. But I could easily name a dozen other guys on this team that would be more valuable coming back later in the season if-God forbid-they were injured. One comes to mind...what's his name...something Griffin? This reminds me of the scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when Ferris predicts Cameron will propose marriage to the first woman he sleeps with-the Redskins seem to be making a similar error here (if, in fact the rule dictates that they have to commit to just one guy).

I think Mike Shanahan made a risky call to use his only designation on a long snapper. I get that you want your best special teams unit possible, but Nick Sundberg has been average at best as a long snapper for the Skins. He's had multiple poor snaps each of his two years in Washington and is a guy who is very much replaceable. The Redskins would have been better off placing him on IR, and keeping that spot open in case a more important contributor were to go down with an injury that would force him to miss some significant time.

What are your opinions/thoughts on this topic?