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Got Fantasy Football Questions? Now's the Time to Ask Dan

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All right Hogs and Hogettes, it’s time to send me your fantasy football questions to be answered in tomorrow morning’s edition of "Dan’s Sack (fantasy football mailbag)".

It goes without mention that people are more than eager to get the insight of the very person who currently sits in 15th place out of the 16 teams in the Hogs Haven A-League. So please, try not to rush all at once to get my expert analysis.

However, I will mention that I currently sit atop my other two leagues I’ve taken the time to decimate this year, so don’t be too discouraged at the thought of seeking my advice this time around.

(A little discouraged is still OK, but don't get carried away.)

I’ll repeat the drill for those who didn’t check out the sack last week. Just put your question in the comment section or feel free to reach me on Twitter @PFF_Dan and I'll get back to as many as possible if not all.

Good luck to everyone this week.