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Daily Slop: Mariucci Calls RGIII the Most Athletic QB in NFL History; Shanahan says Brandon Banks Must Take Care of Ball


Redskins Sign Former Navy Standout Eric Kettani, Juggle Practice Squad " CBS DC
The Washington Redskins signed former Naval Academy fullback Eric Kettani to their practice squad in one of a bevy of moves on Tuesday.

Ed Reed, Robert Griffin III set NFL records in week 1 -
In his week 1 win over the New Orleans Saints, the Washington Redskins rookie became the only player in NFL history to pass for 300+ yards and 2 touchdowns without throwing a pick.

The Redskins Blog | Vote RG3 For Two National Awards
Voting for Griffin III is super easy. - To vote for Griffin III as the "FedEx Air NFL Player Of The Week," go to from 9 a.m. today through 3 p.m. (ET) Friday and select Griffin III. - To vote for Griffin III as the "Pepsi Max NFL Rookie Of The Week," go to during the same timespan — 9 a.m. today through 3 p.m. (ET) Friday — and select Griffin III.

Under the Radar: Where was Hank? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Every week, I’ll ask you to give me your thoughts on the moments and aspects of the game that you don’t think got enough coverage in the media. I’ll pick a few of them every week and try to give them the spotlight you think they deserve. I got a lot of excellent suggestions for the Saints game, here are just a few of them. I was very surprised to see that the wide receiver who had the most offensive...

Couple Days Post Victory and Still a Lot to Love About Redskins Win | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Feel free to look back right after the NFL schedule was released, when I called that the Redskins would go to New Orleans week one and leave victorious. A lot had to go right and the five keys I outlined last week had to happen for the Skins to take down Drew Brees and the Saints. That happened and Robert Griffin III is the talk of the NFL.

Holden & Danny: Josh Wilson Says Offense Finally Gave Defense A Break " CBS DC
Cornerback Josh Wilson credited Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins offense for keeping the defensive unit fresh in the team’s season opening win over the New Orleans Saints.

Santana Moss: Dan Snyder ‘is a guy you want to play for’ - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
"That’s one of the reasons why I love this team so much, because of the relationship I have with Dan Snyder," he said. "You know, this is a guy that, he goes beyond. I hear so much in the media about Dan Snyder when it comes to how fans portray him and everything man, and I say I just don’t know. Because this guy is a guy you want to play for. He’s gonna make sure everything that you want is there and given for you to be comfortable to go out there and perform for this team.

Steve Mariucci calls RGIII the most athletic quarterback in NFL history - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Steve Mariucci, on the NFL Network: "This is the most athletic quarterback this league has ever seen."

Film breakdown: One example of the Skins’ excellent pass protection against the Saints – Blogging the bEast
Robert Griffin III’s rookie debut was stellar by all accounts. Equally impressive was his pass protection. One of the better examples of the Skins’ good OL play was in the 2nd Quarter, when they were facing a 3rd and Goal from the 5.

Ed Reed, Robert Griffin III set NFL records in week 1 -
In his week 1 win over the New Orleans Saints, the Washington Redskins rookie became the only player in NFL history to pass for 300+ yards and 2 touchdowns without throwing a pick.

The Redskins Blog | Redskins Surge In Power Rankings
Here’s what PFT had to say about the Redskins this week: "Receiver Josh Morgan gushed last week about RG3. And it looked like an understatement on Sunday." They’re, of course, referring to Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns in one of more prolific NFL debuts by a quarterback in league history.

Redskins vs. Saints: Studs and Duds (offense) |
RB Alfred Morris. In the last seven games dating to last season, the Redskins have had five 100-yard games from rookie backs and a 96-yard game. That’s impressive. Sunday, it was a commitment to the run that mattered, as did playing with a solid lead in the second half.

Mike Shanahan says Brandon Banks must take care of ball
"The one thing Brandon will do is he’ll look at the punt, he’ll look at the coverage – sometimes he’ll take his eye off it at the last second and still get on the football," Shanahan said. "He knows that he cannot turn the football over. That’s been our big emphasis throughout the OTAs and throughout the summer camp – is not turning the football over. You turn the football over and I don’t care who you are, you lose. Offensively and defensively, you have to get turnovers. If you don’t win that turnover ratio, it doesn’t matter if it’s the regular season or the playoffs, the chances are you’re not going to go very far. That will be a big emphasis, and Brandon knows that."

Alfred Morris
Skins RB Alfred Morris joins the Fix to talk about his big 2 TD day in the Skins win over the Saints

Redskins Upload: Cue The Hating, Excuses
Virtually no one outside of Redskins Nation truly believed that the Redskins could march into the Superdome on Sunday and come out with a win over the New Orleans Saints.

Preseason Secrecy Pays Off On Offense
We did a lot of things that we hadn’t shown in preseason," Griffin III explained. "I think everybody executed it to a 'T.'

Redskins Upload: Cue The Hating, Excuses
Although the odds-makers picked New Orleans as the seven-point favorite, nearly every single so-called football expert predicted that the ‘superior’ Saints would trounce the ‘inferior’ Redskins by a lot more than a touchdown.

Need to Know: Why designate Sundberg for return? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, September 12, four days before the Redskins take on the Rams. Why "designate" Sundberg? When the Redskins decided to place long snapper Nick Sundberg on injured reserve, they gave him the "designated for return" label. That’s all well and good as Sundberg has developed into a solid snapper and it is nice to have the option to bring him back after eight weeks. But the issue is that opening the...

Film Review | Redskins vs. Saints: OFFENSE - Washington Times
Taking a look at the Redskins' offense in their 40-32 win over the Saints in Week 1.

HTTR24-7-Skins Podcasts & Blog " Post Game-Up Follow Up: One Word Sums Up Robert Griffin III’s Debut—WOW
First thing first; long snapper Nick Sundberg deserves a medal of honor for playing with a broken arm suffered on the games first punt. I can’t imagine how much that must suck for anyone, but the fact that he didn’t let his team down and delivered good snaps the rest of the game and played teams in phenomenal.