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Redskins Game Ball Goes To...

As we get ready to move on to the Rams...SB Nation asked that we do a quick game ball post each week. There's a lot of deserving people for this ball, but I think it's pretty evident who gets it. For that reason, I'll have some fun with the poll options. A couple quick notes on each contestant:

  • Alfred Morris - His 90+ yards and 2 TDs for first NFL game adds him to this list to also do that: LaDainian Tomlinson, Marshall Faulk, Randy McMillan, Billy Sims. Fine company indeed.
  • Robert Griffin III - Only player in NFL history with 300+ pass yds, 2+ pass TDs, 0 INTs in his NFL debut.
  • Redskins DLine - Was in Drew Brees' face all day long. Stat line shows 2 sacks and 5 QB hits, but they did much, much more.
  • Madieu Williams - Umm....yea.
Nick Sundberg is an honorary winner of this week for playing through 8 more perfect snaps with a broken arm. He receives a free night of drinking of the next bar any Redskins fan sees him at.