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Week 2 Redskins Power Rankings

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RG3's rookie debut, in the Superdome, couldn't have gone better.


In my 40 years in the NFL, I have never seen a rookie debut performance like RG3 put up on Sunday. Yes, that includes the 422-yard performance of Cam Newton a year ago. RG3 outplayed Drew Brees in his own house and that can't be said enough.


16 19 This is what every fan base dreams of. You draft a rookie and immediately see the pay off. RGIII was accurate, efficient and, most importantly, his team put up a lot of points on the board. I can't tell you how jealous of Redskins fans I am right now.


26 Lost in all the RG3 hype from beating the Saints is how well the defense played. That front seven is nasty.


15 24 Washington takes a huge leap in rankings based off finally finding a playmaker at quarterback. Not to mention, beating a top-10 team on the road. For all the superlatives regarding Robert Griffin III's day in the Superdome, it sure is hard to ignore rookie Alfred Morris' effort. Are the running back-by-committee days over in Washington? Doubtful. Very doubtful.
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21 After a big win in the Big Easy lets hope that the Redskins buck the trend of playing to the level of their opponent that we've seen for so long. How hyped would FedEx be for the home opener with a 2-0 team coming home?

Hogs Haven Power Rankings after the jump...

1. New England Patriots: The Pats looked like the Pats in a 34-13 romp over Tennessee on the road.
2. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens looked great in their first game, a win over divisions rival Cincinnati.
3. San Francisco 49ers: The Niners may have had the week's most impressive win as they took down the Packers 30-22 in Lambeau.
4. Houston Texans: It took a little while to get the Texans going against the lowly Dolphins, but 24 points in the second quarter set them up for a 30-10 win
5. Chicago Bears: The Bears looked sharp as they dominated the rebuilding Colts for a 41-21 win.
6. Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning looked like his old self in a 31-19 victory over the Steelers.
7. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons dominated the Chiefs 40-24 on the road. Next they welcome the Broncos to the ATL.
8. Green Bay Packers: The Packers now turnaround with a Thursday match up against the Bears. The Pack need a big rebound win at home this week.
9. Detroit Lions: The Lions barely snuck by the Rams in Week 1 and now head west to visit the 49ers.
10. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys had a big opening day victory taking down their division rival.
11. New York Giants
12. Philadelphia Eagles
13. San Diego Chargers
14. Washington Redskins
15. Cincinnati Bengals
16. New Orleans Saints
17. Pittsburgh Steelers
18. New York Jets
19. Kansas City Chiefs
20. Tennessee Titans
21. Oakland Raiders
22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
23. Buffalo Bills
24. Arizona Cardinals
25. Carolina Panthers
26. Seattle Seahawks
27. Minnesota Vikings
28. St. Louis Rams
29. Jacksonville Jaguars
30. Cleveland Browns
31. Indianapolis Colts
32. Miami Dolphins