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Week 2 Injury Report: Our Long Snapper Is Tougher than Your Long Snapper

Totally gratuitous.
Totally gratuitous.

Phew! That was the most fun I've had on Sunday in a long time! If only Nick Sundberg could say the same. Here are our injuries.


WR Pierre Garcon—After racking up 109 yards in the first quarter of Sunday's victory, Garcon exited with an injured right foot. X-rays were negative, suggesting a bone bruise on the top of his foot. Coach Shanahan had this explanation to offer: "It's kind of like turf toe, but it's not his toe." Right. Garcon doesn't expect to miss significant time, but his status for Sunday remains uncertain.


S Jordan Bernstine—The rookie safety was hurt in the fourth quarter during kickoff coverage and had to be carted off the field. Mike Shanahan announced Monday that Bernstine tore the ACL, MCL, and PCL in his right knee and would miss the remainder of the season. With Jackson and Meriweather already out, the Redskins added free agent Jordan Pugh at safety.

S Brandon Meriweather—A sprained MCL and PCL in Meriweather's left knee will sideline him for at least two more weeks.

Special Teams:

LS Nick Sundberg—Little known hero/ironman Nick Sundberg broke his left arm during the blocked punt in the first half of Sunday's game. I didn't notice at the time, probably because HE KEPT PLAYING. With a BROKEN ARM. The bone—which he also broke in high school—was no longer one whole, intact piece, and his arm was probably attached by little more than sinew and badassery. I'm impressed. Still, Sundberg is now in a cast, preventing him from playing for the next few weeks. Replacement snappers will be brought in for auditions today.

Tell me if I missed anyone. Also tell me any awesome stories about playing through injury.