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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup


HomerMcFanboy " aldrick robinson: the unsung hero of week 1
"You always want to play and you definitely want to help your team out," he said. "That’s what I’ve always said before, I want to do things out there to help the team this year. We looked really good out there. Robert executed the offensive gameplan just like the coaches wanted him to, and when you’ve got that at quarterback, it’s tough to stop it."

Elfin: Where Does RGIII Rank Among Past Redskins QBs? " CBS DC
Did replacing turnover machine Rex Grossman with the NFL’s top-rated quarterback change the Redskins from a last-place team four years running into a contender just like that?

Redskins talking points: Shanahan uncertain of Garcon’s status |
This shouldn’t be a surprise considering how well Alfred Morris (28 carries, 96 yards) ran Sunday, but coach Shanahan said that "right now" he’s the starter. "He had two or three runs that a lot of people can’t make. We’ll sub him when he gets tired," Shanahan said.

Safety Jordan Bernstine lost for season; Redskins add free agent Jordan Pugh
Washington Redskins rookie safety Jordan Bernstine will miss the remainder of the season with a severe right knee injury, coach Mike Shanahan announced Monday afternoon.

Redskins Sundberg snaps in pain, will miss Sunday |
At one point during the second half, long snapper Nick Sundberg found quarterback Robert Griffin III on the sidelines, encouraging him to keep the offense moving. Sundberg had selfish motives. If the offense had stalled, that meant another punt snap. And another punt snap meant more pain.

Five observations from Sunday’s Redskins-Saints game
1. Griffin on the big stage: As we’ve seen throughout the whole pre-draft and post-draft process, through OTAs, training camp and preseason games, no moment seems too big for Robert Griffin III.

More on the amazing debut of RG3 - NFC East Blog - ESPN

So I asked Shanahan if this had been by design -- if he'd set up that first drive with those quick passes to help his rookie get into the rhythm of the game without facing pressure from the Saints' defense or pressure to go through progressions while he got his feet under him. Because I figured, if it had been, it was a pretty smart idea. "No, he has options on those plays," Shanahan said. "He decided to run it that way."

Need to Know: Kerrigan still the iron man - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, September 11, five days before RG3 has to go out and do it again in St. Louis. Kerrigan maintains iron man streak One year and one game into his NFL career, Ryan Kerrigan still has not missed a play. After playing all 1,056 defensive plays in 2011, Kerrigan was one of six defenders to play all 75 snaps against the Saints on Sunday. The others were Perry Riley, Josh Wilson,...

Sonny on RG3: 'It's going to be fun'

Sonny Jurgensen was wowed by Robert Griffin III yesterday and admitted he was wrong in wondering about how the coaches prepared him for the season.

Are the Redskins better off than one year ago?

To paraphrase the question making the political rounds, are the Redskins better off now? Yes, and Rich Tandler counts the ways.

The Redskins Blog | We Want Your ‘Griffining’ Photos!

Tim Tebow had his time in the spotlight last season with his celebratory pose that became known as "Tebowing." But now, with Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s first NFL game, win and touchdown passes behind him, it’s only fitting that "Griffining" is taking the world by storm.

Among rookies, RG3's in a class by himself - Washington Times

Early Monday afternoon, an NFL functionary tweeted: "@RGIII & Elway only rookie QBs since ‘70 to start & win opener on road vs team undefeated at home in previous yr." "Since ‘70" is a long time, of course — the entire Post-Merger Era. And who wouldn’t want to be compared to a Hall of Famer like John Elway? But frankly, it’s Elway who should be flattered to be compared to Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins‘ precocious quarterback. Allow me to explain.

For Redskins, a star QB and a solid kicker are a nice start - Hard Hits - The Washington Post

Robert Griffin III, Billy Cundiff appear to give Redskins two elements they haven’t had in years.

Redskins' Win Over Saints A Total Team Effort

Robert Griffin III and the Redskins put together an amazing performance to pull off the weekend's biggest upset.