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Four Guys Who Could Help The Skins

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Due to the suspension of Tanard Jackson the Redskins have an extra roster spot to use. Though they were probably originally expecting to use it on Steve Slaton, the trade for Anthony Armstrong never went through. Here are the top 4 targets the Redskins should have for that roster spot (though don't be shocked if they decide to make another move or two). Given the questions surrounding the cornerback position, offensive line and running back that is where I'm going to focus on. Other tweaks to the roster could occur, but those are the Redskins weakest position groups.

CB Dominique Franks- Franks was the Falcons 5th round pick in 2010. He didn't see much action as a rookie, but filled in pretty well for an injured Brent Grimes down the stretch last season. He can play inside and outside, has nice size and coverage ability.

Why the Redskins should claim him: He's young, under control for two more seasons, has a good skill set and the versatility the Redskins like.

Why the Redskins would pass: Honestly I can't think of a good reason why the Skins should pass. It's of course likely a cornerback needy team like the Colts or Vikings ahead of Washington claims him first. The only real question is why would Atlanta even give up on him. Though given their depth there it's not a huge shock.

CB Joselio Hanson- Hanson is a 31 year-old veteran corner, who has spent the majority of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles. He has been a solid nickel corner for the Eagles over the years. Despite not being a big turnover guy, he's always been known as an above-average cover guy. He has just one year and $850K left on his deal.

Why the Redskins should claim him: He's a smart veteran player with good cover skills. He's not very expensive, and would be a definite upgrade as a slot corner. He could take away a lot of snaps from Cedric Griffin and wouldn't force the Skins to throw 7th round rookie Richard Crawford into the deep end.

Why the Redskins would pass: Though Hanson has played outside before, he's not nearly as good at it, given his smaller frame. With the Redskins wanting to work Hall more inside and possibly at FS, Hanson isn't necessarily the guy you want taking his place. Also, Hanson isn't really a special teamer which works against him.

RB Terrance Ganaway- Ganaway was the Jets 6th round pick from Baylor this season, but he wasn't given much of a chance in preseason. He's built like a power back, but has decent speed and quickness for a back his size.

Why the Redskins should claim him: With both Roy Helu and Evan Royster nursing some injuries, having a 4th back is a smart call. Ganaway while not a traditional zone blocking runner, did play in a spread offense in college, so he's a bit more than a "three yards and a cloud of dust" runner. He could give the Redskins a short yardage back option, and of course is very familiar with Robert Griffin, and any spread elements the Redskins bring to the offense. Ganaway was also among the backs the Redskins had at the Senior Bowl in January.

Why the Redskins would pass: The Redskins would probably prefer a veteran back to go along with their young crop. Also, the fact that he doesn't fit the zone system well works against him. He also struggled as a pass blocker down at the Senior Bowl, which could leave a lasting negative impression for the Skins.

C/G Dan Koppen- Koppen was the Patriots starting center basically from 2003 to week 1 last season when he fractured his ankle. He made one Pro Bowl and All-Pro team, but was widely considered a very good center. He's a good fit for a zone-blocking team, and has worked some at guard in practice and camp.

Why the Redskins should claim him: Koppen is a good smart veteran player, and with Kory Lichtensteiger an injury concern and depth a question mark, Koppen would be a nice addition. He could either take over starting center duties (and could be a big help to a rookie QB) and move Will Montgomery over to guard, or Koppen could work in at guard. Though the Redskins need a RT more, there are few options on the market.

Why the Redskins would pass: Koppen is at the end of his career and might not be as big of an upgrade as he would have been even a year ago. The interior line isn't as big of a need, and he is coming off a major injury.

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