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4th and Inches: Prop Bets

Will Barry Cofield step out of the shadows this year and release his mystical tazer dance?
Will Barry Cofield step out of the shadows this year and release his mystical tazer dance?

A couple of weeks ago Ken's "Ten Yard Fight" featured his annual prop bets for the 2012 season. Ken is more of a Vegas guy, while I'm more of a Laughing Clown Bar & Casino: Apopka kind of guy. That's why I've created "4th and Inches", and opportunity for Redskins faithful to place their bets on the prop bets we really care about.

1. Tazer Dances By Barry Cofield: O/U 0.5
Last year could not have been any more disappointing. We signed Cofield, but the veteran did not partake in his signature tazer dance all season. Could the nose tackle rekindle his ways in 2012?

2. Salutes By Robert Griffin III: O/U 9.5
Speaking of signature moves, the salute was RG3's go to touchdown move at Baylor. Clearly this has a special meaning to the Japanese quarterback who is the son of two veterans of the US Armed Forces. Will young Bob bring his salute to big leagues?

3. Cost of an Average Secondary Market Ticket to Opening Day: O/U $45
Many people can't wait for the Redskins home opener September 23 and have reached for their tickets already. This year's ticket has to be the ultimate gamble for the scalping/secondary market crew. I usually look to scalping and craigslist for my tickets, and I'm ready to roll the dice. The Skins could be 2-0 and with RG3's home debut ticket prices could soar. But, at the same time, the Skins could easily be 0-2 with ticket prices plummeting.

4. Weeks Before a Verbal Altercation Between Raheem Morris and DeAngelo Hall: O/U 3.5
You know at some point this year these two are going to be jawing on the sideline and Tony Siragusa is likely going to catch and give his veteran insight.

5. Weeks Until Jabbar Gaffney or Donte' Stallworth Score a Touchdown in New Engladn: O/U 2
Don't be jealous.

6. Passes Kirk Cousins Will Throw This Season: O/U 1
Will the other rookie QB hit the field at all for the Redskins this year?

7. Who Will Have the Longer Relevant Season: Nationals or Redskins?
Could the Nationals stay more relevant then the Redskins this year by playing well into October?

8. Full Games Jammal Brown Plays In: O/U 4.5
Will Jammy Jam get on the field? And if he does will he be able to make it a full game? Multiple games?

9. Chances UK makes it to the Hogs Haven tailgate on 9/23: O/U 1%
This is a "Price is Right" moment for the community. If you listen to the podcast then you know UK will be doing his best Prince Akeem impression in coming to America and attending the Redskins-Bengals game. I have no faith in my young, British friend making it to the tailgate. Ken, on the other hand, has all the faith in the world in our international correspondent. Also UK will be vacationing in Virginia Beach, Bill Ward you've been warned!

10. Number of incorrect iH8 predictions: O/U 8 (Sideways)
So I don't know how to make the infinity symbol on my keyboard. The world's worst prognosticator is at it again for season two. Get ready for the Redskins to average 31 points, Evan Royster to run for 2,000 yards, bad signatures, and forced disappearances. I'm sure iH8 will let you know that he predicted the unpredictable in the RG3 trade. I mean, who could've seen that coming? The only question that remains for our Hogs Haven veterans is does iH8 = LJP? Hmmmmmm... It's a conspiracy theory that rivals the lunar landing.