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5 Quick Hitters on Buffalo Bills' Depth Chart

Trent Williams will get an early dose of of former 1st pick overall, Mario Williams.
Trent Williams will get an early dose of of former 1st pick overall, Mario Williams.

Praise Jebus, we finally reached the point we can talk about actual games. No more stupid rankings articles! For a nice read, here's the Bills' unofficial depth chart going into Thursday's game vs the burgundy and gold. There are quite a few interesting storylines to talk about.

1.) The Bills defensive front. Mario Williams (2x Pro-Bowler), Marcell Dareus (PFWA all-rookie team), Kyle Williams (2x Pro-Bowler), and Mark Anderson. And these guys will be going against: Trent Williams, Maurice Hurt Josh LeRibeus, Will Montgomery, Adam Gettis, and Tyler Polumbus. That's a star studded DLine. Oh, and what happens when their starters go out? Shawne Merriman and Spencer Johnson come in. This could very well be Robert Griffin III's evening and certainly his performance will be the most talked about. (Note: It sounds likes Chris Chester will be OK with just a mild ankle sprain.)

2.) Stephon Gillmore/Aaron Williams vs Pierre Garcon/Josh Morgan - The Bills' first round pick, 10th overall, Stephon Gilmore, is receiving the same level of hype RGIII is getting. Teammates and media are already anointing him the next Darrelle Revis, so we'll see it in action. How will the Redskins new Wide Receivers do? Will we finally see what a yard after a catch looks like?

3.) Redskins secondary - Raheem Morris brought a lot of change. Guys will be moved around a lot more. DHall in the slot. Brandon Meriweather playing both inside the box and in coverage. Madieu Williams vs Tanard Jackson at FS. Morris said in an interview with 106.7 The Fan that he will be changing DHall and Josh Wilson around based on what provides the better matchups, which is a change from what we've seen in the part where corners are fixed on sides of the field. Donald Jones and Stevie Johnson will be a good first test.

4.) Backup QBs - Vince Young - Ah yes, the founding father of the "Dream Team." I had completely missed he ended up with the Bills. One would think that he would be able to tear up the Redskins 3rd team defense, but based on this Bills' training camp report, I'm not so sure.

Young is lazy, drags his feet back to the huddle, holds the ball too long, and would have been sacked on every other play if they were allowed to hit the QB.

I'd expect Grossman to get an ample amount of time just so Shanahan has a basis to evaluate other players. Throwing Cousins in the mix makes that tough to do with late reads, etc.

5.) Former Redskins - Chad Rinehart is the Bills' 2nd team Right Guard. Tashard Choice, who had a cup of coffee with the Skins, is the third string RB. Third team Right Tackle, Zebrie Sanders, was on Shanahan's Senior Bowl team and was a name discussed here as a potential draft pick to fill that RT position. I'll certainly be paying attention to his play.