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Redskins Roster Cuts 2.0

You're Welcome!
You're Welcome!

Man, was it getting a little crowded in there? Here is a second "Cut Day" thread for everyone to enjoy. Special thanks to Redskins beat reporters Daniel Shiferaw, Rich Campbell, Chris, Russell, Mike Jones, Grant Paulsen, John Keim, Tarik El-Bashir, and others.

We'll keep you updated throughout the day on the latest roster news. Here are the cuts so far:

Redskins Roster Cuts

- Willie Smith, OT
- Grant Garner, C
- Erik Cook, C
- Bryan Kehl, ILB
- Tom Compton, OT
- Doug Worthington, DL
- Tristan Davis, RB
- Travon Bellamy, DB
- Terrence Austin, WR
- Jonathan Crompton, QB
- Delvin Johnson, NT
- D.J. Holt, ILB
- Brandyn Thompson, CB
- Marlon Favorite, DL
- Brian McNally, LB
- David Jones, CB
- Tim Hightower, RB
- Anthony Armstrong, WR
- Dorson Boyce, FB
- Richard Quinn, TE
- Markus White, LB