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Training Camp Injury Update

July 27, 2012; Ashburn, VA, USA; Washington Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson (85) runs with the ball during Redskins training camp at Redskins Park. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE
July 27, 2012; Ashburn, VA, USA; Washington Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson (85) runs with the ball during Redskins training camp at Redskins Park. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome back to the always-cheery injury update. Before you look at the list of names and Panic! At the Disco, you should know that I included everyone from the pre-camp injury report even if the news is that they're healthy again. Just guessing you'd want as much information as possible. Lemme know if you prefer a more concise format, something along the lines of "Anthony Armstrong: Shoulder" or "Jammal Brown: Called it!" Also chime in if I missed anyone. Or for any other reason, really. So, let's start...

On offense:

RB Tim Hightower — Last season's torn ACL continues to limit Hightower, though not as much as during OTAs. Mike Shanahan admits that the knee is not yet 100% healthy and Hightower still limps when running. He took a planned day of rest on July 28, but has expressed a desire to play in preseason games. Though possible, the plan is to bring him back for week one.

FB Darrel Young — An injured hamstring disrupted Young's 2011 season, so no one was pleased to hear "hamstring strain" again on July 31. This time around, the setback is much less serious and Young's limp had disappeared as of yesterday. Still, he's estimated to miss two weeks as the team doesn't want to take chances with his health.

TE Chris Cooley — The good news is that Cooley hasn't missed any time in training camp due to the knee, hip, or groin issues. He's certainly slower than in seasons past, but he's also older. Cautious optimism is about as positive as I can feel regarding Cooley.

WR Leonard Hankerson — The better news is that Hankerson is back to full speed after February hip surgery. He's participating fully in practice and competing for a starting role in the new, RG3-led offense.

WR Josh Morgan — Despite grim-sounding coverage of Morgan's rehab process, last season's broken leg didn't hinder him at the outset of training camp. He did, however, strain his left hamstring on July 31. Morgan said this was his first experience with a hamstring injury and he didn't know how long it would take to heal, but Mike Shanahan indicated that he could be back in action as early as Monday.

WR Anthony Armstrong — Armstrong took a hard fall yesterday and left practice to undergo a shoulder x-ray. Worst-case scenario is a broken collarbone, but trainers suspect the shoulder is just bruised.

WR Lance Lewis — I know you've been waiting for news on Lance Lewis all week, but the tidings aren't great. He's expected to miss a week or two with a groin injury. It's hard, but try to maintain your composure.

OT Jammal Brown — Unless you've been living under a rock, you know Jammal Brown re-aggravated that notorious hip while running sprints the day before camp started. For those who were unaware, consider this your first non-NBC spoiler of the week. No, there's no structural damage and no surgery. Yes, he's on the PUP list indefinitely. I keep reading about "anti-inflammatories," but I hope the trainers have something better up their sleeves because Advil's not gonna cut it on this one.

OT Willie Smith — Linebacker Rob Jackson ran over Smith during one-on-one practice on July 30, and Smith collapsed back on his knee. An MRI was ordered but I haven't seen a report on the results yet.

OT James Lee — Another day, another injury along the offensive line. Lee sat out of practice yesterday with knee swelling. On the bright side, there are a few sturdy-looking bums hanging around Chinatown that could use a new gig.

G/C Kory Lichtensteiger — After shredding the ligaments in his knee last season, Lichtensteiger suffered a setback when doctors discovered loose particles floating inside the joint. He underwent arthroscopic surgery to clear the debris on July 30 and will miss the entire preseason. Here's hoping that's all he misses.

On defense:

DE Stephen Bowen — A similar knee scope in April limited Bowen in OTAs, but hasn't slowed him down at all in camp.

LB Brian Orakpo — Just as promised, Orakpo has been at full speed through camp. There was some doubt after January shoulder surgery limited him in OTAs, but he appears in top form lining up against Trent Williams.

LB Jonathan Goff — Goff tore his ACL last September and missed the season. He tore it again on July 28 and was released by the team.

CB Chase Minnifield — Microfracture surgery on Minnifield's right knee was the major health concern on everyone's mind, but a torn ACL in the same joint was to blame when the Redskins designated him waived/injured this summer. He cleared wavers and the team retained his rights, sending him to IR. As promising as Minnifield seemed, let's hope he uses the time to recover and make an impact next year.

CB Josh Wilson — Though a minor thigh injury prevented him from participating in minicamp, Wilson has showed no signs of lingering problems in training camp.

S Tanard Jackson — Jackson underwent surgery to repair his rotator cuff in January and was limited in early OTAs with the Redskins. He was set to start camp 100% healthy, but landed on the PUP list after injuring his calf on the first day. Must've been a pretty minor ding because he was cleared and returned to practice yesterday.

S DeJon Gomes — Gomes left the field with shoulder soreness yesterday and could miss a day or two.