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What Did Chris Cooley Mean to Redskins Fans?

What will you remember most about Chris Cooley?
What will you remember most about Chris Cooley?

Just to put it out there, I'm 26 years old. I remember in 2004 I was going into my freshman year of college and a Redskins legend, Joe Gibbs, was coming back to return a team to glory that I had never really seen succeed. Sure the Skins had one two Super Bowls in my lifetime, but the earliest I could ever remember was the Norv Turner era. So, with that, Joe Gibbs was nothing but a legend to me.

I remember one of the nights before I went to college I went out and bought myself a Clinton Portis jersey to watch the Skins preseason opener with a bunch of friends. Obviously I was excited to see CP and a legend return to the sideline, but I wasn't really thinking about draft picks. Sure Sean Taylor was gearing up, but beyond that the Skins only had a third, fifth, and sixth round pick that year. Astonishingly enough both the third and fourth rounders were spent on tight ends. That was the night we were all introduced to Chris Cooley out of Utah State, who eventually beat out fifth rounder Mark Wilson from Cal.

Since then Cooley became the Redskins leading tight end in history. But beyond the stats Cooley became the face of the Redskins. Despite how you felt about his production late in his career, chances are at some point you loved Cooley and his fun loving antics. So the question is raised, what does Chris Cooley mean to you as a Skins fan and what's your favorite Chris Cooley moment?