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Redskins To Cut Fifteen Today

***The Hogs Haven team will be updating this post throughout the day.***

The Redskins "Turk" (no not Matt) will be having a busy day today as the first round of cuts will see fifteen players turning in their playbooks, errrrrrr.... iPads? We'll keep you updated throughout the day as the roster gets trimmed to 75 players. The deadline for today's cuts is 4 P.M.

Here is who has been cut so far:

- Neil Rackers, K
- Morgan Trent, CB (Injury Settlement)
- Lennon Creer, RB
- Sam Kirkland, WR
- Lance Lewis, WR
- Kevin Barnes, CB
- Antwon Bailey, RB
- James Lee, OT
- Tony Moll, OG
- Beau Reliford, TE
- Monte Lewis, OLB
- Jonathan Crompton, QB
- Chris Campbell, OL

- Jammal Brown, OT

Update: Report is now that Barnes isn't cut, but traded to the Lions

Kevin barnes said he was traded to detroit. Just talked to him. Initially he thought he was being released. Not sure for what yet.

Updated: 12:43 PM