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Highlights from Clinton Portis' Retirement Presser

Portis at today's press conference. Image borrowed with love from @<a href="" target="new">SkyKerstein</a>
Portis at today's press conference. Image borrowed with love from @SkyKerstein

Clinton Portis' retirement presser is complete. CP's teary-eyed, twenty-fine minute, unscripted statement was as sincere as it gets it sounds from the media. Some highlights from the event:

  • Dan Snyder announced Portis as one of the 80 greatest Redskins and will be one of the ten new inductees announced tomorrow.
  • He said his favorite moments were when he, Moss, and Sean Taylor were in the tunnel before a game. He admitted a little of the game in him died with Sean.
  • "I'm walking away from this game today proud of everything I've done."
  • "Numbers don't matter to me.. its the memory that I left behind....Most of the people that judged me don't know me. And the people that know me love me."
  • CP said Joe Gibbs was "one of my favorite people of all-time."
  • Portis was leaning towards going to the University of Maryland after UMD showed him the Chesapeake Bay area, which was sprawling with "lots of pretty girls." His Mom convinced him to go to Miami.
  • Dan Snyder on Portis: "Watching him block was as exciting as watching him run."
  • He said his future now is being a "soccer dad" for his two sons.
  • As Grant Paulsen reported on 106.7, Alfred Morris attended the press conference and was a HUGE Clinton Portis fan growing up.
The Redskins unveiled this painting as a gift to Portis, which I'm sure will look good in his garage:


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