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Will this DeAngelo Experiment at Free Safety Work?

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We've talked about moving DHall to safety on this site before, and low and behold, Haslett clearly has been trolling the comments section and decided to give it a try. I decided to ask two guys who have spent some time at Redskins Park, Washington Examiner's John Keim, and SB Nation DC's, Dan Shiferaw, what they've seen and what they expect:

1.) DHall was at FS on that long Bears' completion and missed a big tackle. I don't recall DHall getting reps at Safety during the public practices. I get the feeling the Redskins are trying to find a place they can use Hall versus him excelling at a position. Do you get that feeling?

Shiferaw: It's hard to tell if DHall at safety is something they want to do more often, or just something they wanted to experiment with in preseason. Everything that's been said by Raheem Morris is that Hall will move around a lot, covering both inside and outside receivers and possibly blitzing from the slot.

Keim: The Redskins want him to be their version of Charles Woodson. But Woodson is a future Hall of Famer; Hall is not. They would like to add some versatility to the secondary to help disguise certain looks not to mention add speed at safety. The latter was a big issue last year. So if he could play safety, and the other two could hold up at corner then you add another element to the D. I'm not confident this will work. He did not look comfortable back there. Everything is different: the angles, the reads. He's moved back there before in some looks, but not to this extent.

2.) The Redskins obviously are looking for a center field defender than can catch the do you see the position shaking down over the next two pre-season games? Has anyone taken a lead in the FS job?

Shiferaw: That's a better question for John, who's been out there for practice everyday. But from the looks of it, it sounds like M. Williams is the guy at free safety unless/until Tanard Jackson catches up and can take hold of that starting spot. Jackson is the more physically talented, whereas Williams is savvier.

Keim: Madieu Williams has worked with the starters all summer. Tanard Jackson has not shown he should play ahead of him.

Wherever DeAngelo plays, I'm sure a damaged remote control is on our future.