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What the Redskins Should've Done

Will Andrew Luck be better protected than Robert Griffin III this season?
Will Andrew Luck be better protected than Robert Griffin III this season?

Lets face it, we're all armchair GMs at Hogs Haven and we all think we're right. We have an opportunity to examine things with 20/20 hindsight and pick apart the moves of our club. But couldn't we all see our biggest deficiency from a mile away in January and February?

Whether we like it or not our destiny will always be intertwined with this weekend's preseason match up the Indianapolis Colts. There is the obvious Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III debate, but both club also feature youth at the wide receiver and running back position and a an offensive line with a lot of question marks. But while I've been watching the Colts this offseason there is one player that really sticks out that we should've made a run at in March to put him in the burgundy and gold.

We can sit here and argue drafting Josh LeRibeus versus Bobby Massie or Donald Stephenson, but the answer to that debate won't be clear for two to three years. So what did we know in March? Jammal Brown was not 100% and we were merely hoping he'd get better. Kory Lichtensteiger was not 100% and coming off of serious knee issues. You can hope everything works out, but you have to have some sort of contingency plan beyond Willie Smith, Tyler Polumbus, or James Lee. Fans can shout for Carl Nicks or Eric Winston, but a lesser move could've been made in March that would have us in better shape at this point.

The player I have been alluding to is the Colts starting right tackle Winston Justice. No Justice was not a free agent, but he came to Indy for a mere swap of sixth round picks with the Eagles. Would the Eagles deal with us in a case like this? I don't know. But it would've been a move that put us in better shape and maybe helped us groom a tackle of the future. I'm not saying it had to be exactly about Winston Justice, but just at least some semblance of a contingency plan that might have worked if Jam Brown and Lichtensteiger didn't magically morph back into NFL caliber starters.

Right now we basically have no plan, we're throwing right tackles at a wall and hoping one sticks, all while ignoring their development. Can a cohesive unit mask the deficiencies of a offensive line? Absolutely. But we have no cohesion. We're actually discussing throwing Lichtensteiger and Jammal Brown into the fire in Week 1without seeing either in nearly a year. That's how we want to protect, arguably, our greatest asset ever in RG3? O and not to mention that we haven't seen Chris Chester this preseason. I'm OK with starting a guy like Adam Gettis, but it's contingent on him playing with a cohesive unit of five players throughout this preseason. Right now Trent Williams doesn't know who will be on his right on opening day and Will Montgomery has no earthly idea who will be on his right or left. This is not a pretty situation.