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Kentwan Balmer Disappears

The Redskins may need to hire Liam Neeson to find their 25 year old defensive lineman:

Balmer, who was taken in the first round of the 2008 draft also randomly went AWOL at 49ers training camp in 2010. As a result of that incident Balmer was immediately traded to Seattle where he appeared in every game for the Seahawks and started eleven. Since then Balmer has been cut by both the Seahawks and Panthers, but showed some promise for the Redskins over the past eight six to eight months or so. Shanahan was talkative on the absence

"Hopefully it’s nothing very serious," via Washington Post

If you remember running back James Davis also went "missing" at Redskins camp a year ago and was later cut by by the ShannyTurk.