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Early Surprises of Redskins 2012 Training Camp

Are the reviews on Trent Williams the biggest surprise thus far out of Redskins Training Camp?
Are the reviews on Trent Williams the biggest surprise thus far out of Redskins Training Camp?

Redskins 2012 Training Camp is just one week in, but there are already some good story lines brewing. I wanted to focus on the positives(no offense to Jammal Brown's hip), and some of the surprises thus far in camp.

Below are some quotes and twitter mentions from observers at training camp.

Trent Williams:

Trent Williams is having a great camp. Teammates talk about how much more professional he is studying tapes and working. His conditioning also is good. Williams has the talent to be one of the best left tackles in the NFC. RG3 can make the line look good by scrambling away from sacks, but the line needs to come together with consistent run-blocking for the offense to be successful. [via ESPN]
And then there’s Williams. Wrote about him in Tuesday’s report, but I can’t help it. He’s been fun to watch in these drills. He’s patient and if a guy gets into his pads, he swallows them up. At worst he had draws today vs. Brian Orakpo and a draw for an offensive lineman is a win. [via Washington Examiner]
Rich Tandler‏: @Rich_Tandler A couple of non-RG3 practice notes: In 1-on-1 blocking Wilson tried to go through Williams to get to QB. Bad idea, hit a brick wall.

Josh LeRibeus:

At some point during Monday’s practice, the Redskins rookie realized that he belongs, that he can block NFL linemen and linebackers. "You’re like, these guys are so [good], there’s no way you could ever get there," LeRibeus said Wednesday. "But then you get in there, and it’s, ‘Oh, I can do this.’ That starts to build your confidence." The Redskins selected LeRibeus in the third round of April’s in the hopes the SMU could product could serve as a backup guard/center this season and eventually develop into a starter. The uncertainty surrounding left guard Kory Lichtensteiger, however, has accelerated the schedule for LeRibeus. "It’s night and day," LeRibeus said of his comfort level. "I remember that first time I went out there, I was all over the place. It’s gotten a lot better." [via CSN Washington]

DeAngelo Hall at Nickle:

DeAngelo Hall’s learning curve has been a steep one as he adjusts to playing nickel cornerback. Six days into training camp, though, the Redskins’ veteran said he’s finding a comfort zone after spending the first nine seasons of his NFL career playing on the outside. More than anything, though, Hall said he’s looking forward to next Thursday’s preseason opener in Buffalo so he can cover a receiver not named Santana Moss. "I always make this statement: I’m probably not a great corner, but I feel like I’m a great football player," Hall said. "To be a nickel, you have to be a complete football player. You have to tackle, you have to be able to pick off passes, you have to be able to read routes and you have to know what the linebacker does." [via Real Redskins]
DeAngelo Hall was guilty of holding twice during one-on-one drills, but during the full-team scrimmage, he ran step-for-step with his assignments and broke up the first two passes that came his way, nearly picking off the second. [via WaPost]

Redskins‏: @Redskins: #Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall intercepts Griffin III on the goal line vs. Santana Moss, drags toes going out of bounds. #skinscamp

Chris Baker:

Baker has worked at left end, nose tackle and nickel. Heck, maybe he’s worked at right end too and I haven’t seen it. Regarldess, he’s showing that he can play end or tackle. Baker tends to jump a little early at times. He also was too upright on a stunt, preventing him from having much power or explosion when he came around to his left. My guy Chris Baker powered into him(Gettis) and moved him back. Baker continues to beat the young linemen; curious to see how he’ll fare when facing starter types. That’s always the key. [via WaExaminer]

Redskins‏- @Redskins Shanahan says DL Chris Baker has lost 30 pounds and has huge upside. Can play NT or DE. #skinscamp
John Keim - ‏@john_keim NT Chris baker is in the backfield quite a bit this camp beats 2nd teamers, but still. More active than neild thus far. #redskins

Aldrick Robinson:

Randle El and company were treated to another strong practice from second-year receiver Aldrick Robinson, who appears to have made big strides in Year Two. Robinson has been matched up with each of the three quarterbacks so far, and has become a consistent target to stretch the field and make a tough catch in coverage. Robinson has also been a regular in the special teams return drills, shagging punts from the JUGGS machines. [via]

Redskins - ‏@Redskins During 1-on-1 drills, WR's Lance Lewis and Aldrick Robinson catch deep bombs in man coverage. Robinson's was on a double move.

Brandon Banks:

"This is what I’ve wanted to do since Day 1," said Banks, who has appeared to do well during the first five days of training camp. His speed and explosiveness serve him well as he gets off the line and gets separation on a variety of pass routes. "Now I’m healthy and it’s cool," he continued. "I feel like I can really help us. I have a lot of confidence in myself. I feel like I’m the best player on this team, the best player in the NFL. That’s my confidence level." [via WaPost]
On offense, receiver Brandon Banks has embraced head coach Mike Shanahan's challenge to be a threat on offense, catching nearly everything thrown his way. Banks did have one two-handed drop during full-team drills, but also hauled in four consecutive completions. [via]

Lorenzo Alexander cuts weight, moves to inside backer:

Redskins‏ - @Redskins On the second play of #Redskins full team drills, ILB Lorenzo Alexander picks off QB Robert Griffin III. Looks fast #skinscamp
Lorenzo Alexander weighed more than 300 pounds at the start of his senior season at California in 2005. He was listed as weighing 275 pounds at the start of training camp last year. By moving to inside linebacker in the spring, Alexander knew more weight would have to come off. He reported to Washington Redskins training camp on Wednesday weighing 245 pounds – the lightest he’s been since eighth grade. [via]

Richard Crawford:

Grant Paulsen‏ - @granthpaulsen Rookie CB Richard Crawford says Santana Moss has coached him up with helpful pointers about tweaks he could make to his game.
Rookie defensive back Richard Crawford picked off a deflected Cousins pass in the end zone for the seventh-round pick’s second INT of camp. [via]
The rookie-on-rookie crime continued two plays later, as rookie defensive back Richard Crawford picked off a pass in the flats and returned it back to the crowd of onlooking players. [via]