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How Many Are You Keeping - Cornerbacks

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We're back again with the numbers game know as 'How Many Are You Keeping?', cornerback edition. So far we've voted to keep: nine offensive lineman, six defensive lineman, six wide receivers, four running backs (including full back Darrel Young), four safeties and eight linebackers. That adds up to 37 of our 53 man roster completed.If we add on the long snapper, punter and kicker, that's 40 of our 53. Then I think it's a given that we hold three quarterbacks, so we're up to 43.

The list of cornerbacks currently on the roster per is after the jump.

Kevin Barnes

Richard Crawford

Cedric Griffin

DeAngelo Hall

Josh Wilson

Travon Bellamy

David Jones

Brandyn Thompson

Morgan Trent

I think it's safe to say Hall and Wilson are locks, but after that, it's completely up for grabs. I think I'd carry six guys, but I couldn't tell you who the other four were right now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.