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Meet the Replacement Referees for Bears vs Redskins Game

According to, the referee crew for Saturday night's Redskins game at Chicago is as follows:

Jim Winterberg (R), Bob Shoulders (U), Greg Maxwell (HL), Joshua Thurow (LJ), Thaddious Foster (FJ), Brian Stropolo (SJ), Larry Babcock (BJ), Tony Foster (alt). With the exception of Foster, the alternate, this crew served as alternates last week and did not see any game time.

So none of these refs have worked a game yet. Awesome! Let's meet the refs...I mean, their names have to be on box scores on the internet, right?

Head referee - Jim Winterberg is from the FCS (aka Division 1-AA). Googling around he ref'd a Wagner versus Monmouth game in November of last year (bonus points for anyone that can name the mascot for either team...I have no guess....ok, Flying Wombats). He also saw action in the thriller matchup of Central Connecticut vs Wagner. I think we get the idea. The two pictures I found of Winterberg on Google Images are comical to say the least. [pic1, pic2]

Field Judge - Thaddious Foster - Searching for "Thaddious Foster," nothing came up on any google search results except for being a member of the Washington District Football Association of America. Based on their website, this Association's budget is probably $17.

Side Judge - Brian Stropolo - No google search results came back whatsoever. Calls to Sergey Brin have not been returned.

Although it seems laughable, the NFL did begin training these guys (and gal) back in June. So, we'll see I guess, but no training can mimic a real game. The Redskins did have replacement refs into training camp.