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Cooley Expects a Role Similar to Gibbs' H-Back

Cooley was on NFL Network's new "NFL AM" show yesterday. He talked about his role and how Shanahan has implemented some of Baylor's playbook to help RGIII's transition. C

On playing FB...

Cooley: "If' Im at my best you can expect to see me all over the field this season. One of my biggest assets is that I'm very capable of moving around in this offense. It's the third year for me in Mike and Kyle Shanahan's offense. I understand it extremely well. I have a running joke with the Quarterbacks when we draw plays I can draw plays faster than you guys. To see me everywhere would be what I hope for."

That's where I began my career in the that Joe Gibbs H-Back offense. Where that will go week one I'm not exactly sure.