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Redskins Sign NT Marlon Favorite - Who Has Best Video Highlight Ever

With Chris Neild clearing waivers and stashed safely on Redskins IR, the Redskins signed another player you've never heard of NT journeyman, Marlon Favorite. Here's the previous teams he's been on by year (no kidding):

2009: Carolina Panthers, St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints (practice squad and got a ring)
2010: Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, Hartford Colonials, New England Patriots
2011: Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams
2012: New Orleans VooDoo

He's only ever seen pre-season action, but his hustle is undeniable in what might be the greatest NFL highlight you'll see all month (H/T @EatSleepRedskin):