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Husband of Woman with World's Largest Breasts is a Redskins Fan

We at SB Nation do things a little differently here, so I can't let a story like this simply fly by my email. Meet Annie Hawkins-Turner from Arlington, Virginia, who was validated by the Guinness Book of World records for having the largest breasts in the world. She's traveled all around the world for Guinness and is internationally known, but I'm digressing more than I need to. What's key here is that her late husband, Allen Turner, pictured here, was a Redskins fan. Currently, she's an internet, adult entertainer and loves God. I think the Redskins should consider her for a home game ceremony like a coin toss.

Your move Cowboys fans.

[Update: Kevin Jones of WUSA9 just passed along more info on Annie, who's internet name is Norma Stitz and has a bra size of....wait for it...102ZZZ]