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Five Non-Starters to Watch: Bears Edition

Richard Crawford made a name for himself among Redskins fans last week.
Richard Crawford made a name for himself among Redskins fans last week.

This week's game against the Bears will present different challenges than last week's match up with the Bills. We've now had a glance at the 2012 edition of the Redskins and may even have different opinions on some of the players compared to this time last week. But who are the non-starters to keep an eye on this week at Soldier Field?

Chris Baker, NT: Baker has seemingly already wrapped up this year's Marko Mitchell award by becoming the most over-hyped preseason player. Baker did have a good week at the Bills, but now we need to see if he can sustain his success against the Bears. Baker's role with this team has become increasingly important with the season ending injury to Chris Neild this week.

Brandon Banks, WR: Kyle Shanahan decided to force feed the ball to Banks last week and the Redskins third-year man failed miserably. The good news is that no one behind Banks performed particularly well and there weren't any return opportunities. Banks will need to perform better this week in Devin Hester's house to stay above the cut-line.

Jordan Black, OT: It seemed like the Shannys tried to give the veteran tackle every chance to shine, but Black was terrible. The fight for right tackle seems to be wide open and if Black can somehow channel the starting caliber lineman he was for the Chiefs and Jaguars then it would be a big plus for not only himself, but the Redskins as well.

Chris Wilson, OLB: I thought the veteran Wilson would be on the outside looking in at this point of the preseason, but Wilson clearly outperformed second year man Markus White last week. Can Wilson sustain his success and maybe even get some licks in on Jason Campbell this Saturday?

Richard Crawford, CB: Crawford stood out in his first game as a Redskin. The rookie out of SMU grab an interception and looked productive in the return game. Can Crawford jump up high enough to beat out veteran Cedric Griffin as DeAngelo Hall's primary backup?