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Roster Battles: Tight End

Ole "Baby Hands" Niles Paul took his lickings in his debut at tight end last week.
Ole "Baby Hands" Niles Paul took his lickings in his debut at tight end last week.

A interesting battle that all Redskins fans have been keeping an eye on this offseason is that of the tight end position. Unfortunately the battle wasn't too interesting Thursday night versus the Bills. But as the preseason continues against the Bears this weekend look for someone to emerge as Sleepy Davis' backup, and maybe even a surprise candidate.

Fred Davis (10): Sleepy didn't have his fingerprints on the game Thursday but he still has a strangle hold on the tight end position. Hopefully the Skins will open things up a little in Chicago and we'll see Davis become a valuable weapon for Robert Griffin III.

Chris Cooley (8): Many people think Chris Cooley is very much on the bubble this preseason, but I disagree. The longest tenured Redskin has seemed to have shed his "class clown" label and is saying all the right things. A renewed attitude and willingness to help to the team has thrown Cooley into a flex role between tight end and fullback. Right now Cooley has solid footing on a roster spot because of his versatility to be Darrel Young's and Fred Davis' primary backup. It also doesn't hurt that Cooley has basically no one pushing him for a roster spot as of yet.

Niles Paul (5): Incredibly Paul was the only Redskins tight end who had a catch in the game in Buffalo. Despite his 11 yard reception it's what Paul didn't do that stood out. The former wide receiver had some key drops and played poorly in the blocking game. Paul was seen on special teams on Thursday which will be an important factor if he is to land a roster spot.


Logan Paulsen (4): Paulsen really wasn't a factor in Thursday's game and will need to be in the future to make the team. He needs to show not only that he can block, but that he can also be an asset in the passing game.

Richard Quinn (2): Another guy that was a non-factor. You have to wonder if it will be a point to target the tight ends against the Bears?

Xiangdre Beau Reliford (2): Reliford has practice squad written all over him but he may be the Redskins most athletic tight end. Reliford will need to continue to develop as a prospect and show that he can be more consistent then he was at Florida State.