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Who Will Be the Highest Drafted Redskin In Your Fantasy Draft?

Fantasy football drafts are beginning in earnest this week, though it is still a bit early for me to be finalizing my big board. As a Redskins fan, I have always enjoyed finding one or two players in the burgundy and gold to add to my squad. In years past, this has been a relatively easy task. After all, how many teams have had room for guys like Rex Grossman, Anthony Armstrong, Ryan Torain and Darnerien McCants? To be fair, the last few seasons have seen a few strong fantasy performances. Fred Davis had some great games last year for me. Depending on how much interceptions hurt in your league, Rexy could have helped a few teams last season.

This season, we could see even more fantasy value from the home team (don't get too crazy...but they should be better). There's two questions here really:

Which Washington starter is going to perform the highest at their respective fantasy position? (Feel free to provide your thoughts on this below.)

Which Washington starter will be drafted the highest? (poll question)

I am sensing a lot of Robert Griffin III answers, but be careful to consider quarterback is a pretty stacked fantasy position--he likely won't be drafted as the #1 starter on many teams. I have to think that Fred Davis and Pierre Garcon are top candidates to perform well at tight end and wide receiver, respectively. Who knows which running back--if any--will emerge to put up the kind of stats it will take rank among the league leaders?