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Can RG3 Learn from the Romo vs Manning "Feud"?

Will RG3 spread the wealth in 2012?
Will RG3 spread the wealth in 2012?

I'm sure by now you've heard the "story" surrounding former Giant Amani Toomer thinking Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. I'm going to stray away from the debate because thoughts of Romo to Bryant stays lodged in my mind. Anyways, new Giant tight end Martellus Bennett came along and said the following:

"Just his approach. I mean, he’s just looking for the open guy. It doesn’t matter who it is or what number you are. If you’re open, he’s going to hit you. You have to be ready, That’s what makes it so fun playing in this offense because anytime you beat your guy, you know you could get the ball. … Every quarterback has one or two guys they go to on most teams. But here, it’s not really like that."

Why does this matter? Especially from a tight end that hasn't had a touchdown catch since 2008. Well I for one think Bennett is an extremely talented tight end who will flourish with the Giants. Tony Romo does seem to favor Jason Witten and his "number one" receiver. So what will Robert Griffin III do?

First off, it seems as if, at first glance, Griffin is being incredibly unselfish by bringing basically his whole receiving corps to Waco. But what did RG3's targets look like at Baylor?

In 2011 Griffin targeted Kendall Wright 108 times, which accounted for roughly 37 percent of his passes. Next up was Terrance Williams and Tevin Reese who accounted for over 100 receptions combined. As a point of comparison Jabar Gaffney lead the Redskins in receptions last year and accounted for about 20 percent of the teams catches. Wright and Griffin thrived but will he spread the ball more in DC. Does he have a receiver here that he can build a rapport with like he did with Wright? Or will he flourish by spreading the ball around to the open man, ala Eli Manning?