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Daily Slop : The Importance of Stephen Bowen to the Redskins; Is Pierre Garcon a Real No. 1?

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Bullet points: Keeping an eye on Morgan
Bullet points: The Redskins gave a sizable contract to a receiver with a spotty resume in Josh Morgan and he will be one to watch in training camp.

The Importance of Stephen Bowen to the Washington Redskins | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog

The Redskins saw a marked improvement in their pass rush last season, which helped improve their pass defense last year. The biggest factor in the improved pass rush was the addition of Ryan Kerrigan, but a close second could be could be the free agent signing of DE Stephen Bowen.

Chat wrap: Is Pierre Garcon a real No. 1? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Way back on Tuesday, when our nation was still a mere 235 years old, we had our weekly chat. If you missed it, you missed out on questions and answers about the Redskins' offense, a surprising number of questions related to Mel Brooks movies and a little bit of discussion about who's the greatest NFC East player of all time. (I went with Lawrence Taylor, but there were several solid suggestions.) Anyway, here's the link to the whole thing if you want to read it, and here are some highlights:

Despite what you hear, Redskins prove it's an O-line-driven league | July

The Redskins started 3-1 with Kory Lichtensteiger in the line-up and 2-10 without him

Redskins' players weigh in on training camp to Richmond - - Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic & Sports

"To actually be able to be in Richmond, which you know is kind of the half way point between DC and the 757 area is going to be great," said Hall. Besides having family come see him, he says he and teammates are excited to see what the Capital City has to offer. "I just hope we don't get in trouble. Richmond's a beautiful city," Hall said with a laugh.

July 8, 1975: Redskins Flirt w/ Signing Giant Wrestler | Redskin Historian

On July 8, 1975, a giant appeared at a Redskins-arranged news conference at Duke Zeibert’s restaurant in D.C. Redskins coach George Allen had tapped his personnel director, Tim Temerario, to find a run-stopping defensive lineman who could also block kicks. And Temerario thought 7-foot-5, 445-pound pro wrestler Andre the Giant, a man known as the "8th wonder of the world," could fit the bill.

Three Years of Tackle Efficiency: Linebackers |

Tackles are actually not an official statistic, though the NFL is happy to treat them as if they were–they are compiled by different officials and are often wildly inaccurate because NFL scorers have to get it right live, not after the fact with the benefit of replay and hindsight. We at PFF keep our own, more accurate, tackle statistics, and over the past three seasons no linebacker has recorded more than London Fletcher.

Three Years of Drop Rate: Running Backs |
Which backs have dropped the most balls over the past three years? Well, in raw numbers you have to look no further than Tim Hightower, the "all-purpose back" who put 16 balls onto the ground. That was two more than either Darren Sproles or Chris Johnson, despite both men being far bigger parts of their teams’ passing attacks. It’s not something that works alongside the theory that Hightower offers a more complete option at the running back spot than Roy Helu (especially when you look at the pass blocking efficiency of the two last year), and is something to keep an eye on if Hightower can recover from injury and supplant Helu as the team’s top tailback.

The NFL Hope Machine: Going From Worst To First Becoming A Trend | Football Nation
Teams that finished last in 2011 can make the jump to first in 2012 and win a Super Bowl.

Replay added one second to NFL games last season | SI Tracking Blog – Tracking MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA On Twitter
While instant replay was added in the NFL in 1999, it was installed to make sure the officials got calls right, but the major worry was that it would slow the game down. According to Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, replay is moving along just fine. Games last season lasted two hours and five minutes, a second faster than in 2010.