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Training Camp Primer: Quarterbacks

Can Chris Cooley's twin beat out Rex Grossman for the backup role.
Can Chris Cooley's twin beat out Rex Grossman for the backup role.

This year's training camp/preseason doesn't have the excitement of a Ben Chappell (I'm telling you, he's going to be good!) or an epic quarterback battle between Rex Grossman and John Beck (picture explaining that to your grand kids), but there is still some drama to keep an eye on at the position this year.

Robert Griffin III: Obviously Bob is the clear cut starter going into New Orleans. A big thanks to Mike Shanahan for not letting us go through the media circus that would have been Griffin vs. Grossman. We are all certainly excited to see what Griffin can do and what wrinkles he may bring to this offense. The best news is that we are a mere ten days of way from seeing his debut against the Buffalo Bills.

Rex Grossman III: The other RG3 signed a one year deal and has now been regulated to a backup role. As much grief as Rex gets he should still be one of the better backups in the NFL. I'm more than comfortable letting the Dragon loose if spot duty is needed this year. Hopefully the Redskins will be similar to the 2011 Panthers in regards to never seeing Jimmy Clausen or any other quarterback, former Appalachian State QB Armanti Edwards and Legedu Naanee were the only other two Panthers to get the ball air born. It would be best for the franchise if Grossman's last pass as a Redskins came versus the Eagles in Week 17 LAST year. Grossman seems to be saying all the right things so far, as Stephen Whyno pointed out in the Washington Times,

"I know my role and I'm going to play it. Whatever my role is, I'm going to do it best in the NFL, whatever that is, If I have to come in and play, I want to be the best quarterback that week. If I have to be there and mentor, I'm going to be the best mentor in the league. I know my role, I'm going to try to do it the best of my ability."

Kirk Cousins: Cousins has the benefit of having one of the most cozy roster spots in the NFL. Sure he will compete with Grossman, but we shouldn't immediately expect him to be the backup either. There is also no way that Cousins goes to the practice squad, because obviously he'd be scooped up in a second. The biggest question for Cousins right now is if he'll dress out on Sundays and what hat and clipboard feel the best.

Jonathan Crompton: For whatever reason Mike Shanahan came away impressed with Buccaneers QB in Week 4 of preseason and scooped up the Tennessee product for his own team. Crompton's dirty stache has been cut from the Chargers, Patriots, and Bucs with the Redskins likely making it four. I don't believe he's still eligible for the practice squad and the only time we may see Crompton this year is as a human victory cigar. I'm sure Ben Chappell finds that knee he took in Indianapolis in front of the hometown crowd as one of the highlights of his career.