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How To Follow The Washington Redskins During Training Camp - List of Skins Beat Writers

A list of beat writers to follow. We will of course compile the daily and breaking news for you as articles. But for the fans that need updates by the you go.

Mitchell Layton

Besides the obvious, which is pointing your browser to Hogs Haven, here's a concise list of all the major beat writers to follow. I have twitter lists created that point to every player and media person one would ever need, which I regularly update, but below, are the major players, who's daily camp writeups are always linked up in the Daily Slop posts:

@Redskins - Official Redskins Twitter account
@john_keim - Washington Post
@granthpaulsen - 106.7 THE FAN
@rich_campbell - Washington Times
@rich_tandlerCSN - CSN Washington
@Russellmania980 - ESPN 980
@MikeJonesWaPo - Washington Post
@ZacBoyer - Freelance Star
@Insider - Redskins Insider - Washington Post
@davidelfin - 106.7 THE FAN
@dcsportsbog - WaPost
@TarikCSN - CSN Washington
@snide_remarks - WaPost Express

Fans I like to follow

@_JakeRussell - The