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Is Dezmon Briscoe a Good Pickup for the Redskins?

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As soon as I saw that Dezmon Briscoe was released from the Bucs this week, I had a feeling we would make a play for him. Well, my feeling came true as news broke on friday that we had claimed him off waivers. Is this good or bad for the Redskins?

I feel it was a poor move for the Skins. Now many will argue this, citing his youth, size and red zone presence, but I'm looking further into his profile, and I see many things I do not like abot this signing.

First, I think new Bucs head coach Greg Schiano is a buffoon, and is trying to run an NFL team like he did his team at Rutgers. He will eventually fall on his face as an NFL head coach, but he is doing one thing right: He's removing all the dead weight that brought this team down last season. He wants guys who want to be there, and does not tolerate players who are not dedicated to the team. By all accounts, Briscoe did not take part in the OTA's, and came into camp out of shape, thus resulting in him failing a conditioning test, and subsequently being cut.

Also, he had some off-field drama this summer:

Internet rumor sites are having a field day with what can best be described as a Twitter war between Briscoe’s current girlfriend, reality TV star Royce Reed, and Briscoe’s ex-girlfriend, Christina Nero, the mother of his son. Nero and Reed earlier this week engaged numerous back-and-forth posts, with Nero saying she and Briscoe have been involved in a relationship, unbeknownst to Reed. That began a series of colorful insults and accusations between the two. Reed and Briscoe have been dating since 2011. She is one of the stars of the Vh-1 hit show Basketball Wives.

All this for a receiver who had some of the worst measurables at the 2010 NFL scouting combine:

6'2" 207

40 - 4.71

3-cone drill - 7.10

Short Shuttle - 4.57

Bench Press - 9 reps

Vertical Jump - 33.0(worst amongst WR's)

Broad Jump - 115.0

Is this the type of player this young team needs?