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Benson or Grant? Who is the Better Fit for the Redskins?

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As you've probably heard by now the Redskins are interested in bringing in veteran running backs Ryan Grant and Cedric Benson into training camp. First off, what does this mean? Second off who would be a better fit and make more more sense for the Skins?

We can speculate why the Redskins would bring in these veteran backs until we're blue in the face. The good news is that this is not another Willie Parker/Larry Johnson situation. Perhaps Tim Hightower is not one hundred percent? Perhaps Mike Shanahan does not feel that Evan Royster does not provide the proper depth needed behind Hightower and Helu? One thing is for sure, Hightower is not worried about his injury:

"I've got work to do, but I feel better. It feels good to finally be out there on the field and I'm not watching. I have confidence. I had confidence when I was laying up in the hospital. But I think it'll get better. It'll get better with time and it'll get better with training camp. I'm not worried about it." via Washington Post

In regards to the two potential new additions, lets start with Grant. The Notre Dame product will turn 30 later this season and has bitten by the injury bug lately. After being the Packers work horse in 2008 and 2009, and eclipsing 1,200 yards each of those seasons, Grant's production has dropped off significantly. He hurt his ankle in Week 1 of 2010 against the Eagles and has never really rebounded since. In May, Grant visited with the New England Patriots who opted to sign Joseph Addai instead. Grant also was scheduled to meet with the Lions, but skipped his meeting for undisclosed reasons. John Clayton speculated it was due to a lack of a promise regarding playing time:

To Ryan, it’s not a matter of just the money. Ryan wants to make sure it’s the right situation, as far as, if he has the chance to compete for the starting job, if he does have a chance to compete if he can make the right type of money with that. More so than anything else, they just couldn’t come to at least a close enough money agreement that he would make that trip.

Like Grant, Cedric Benson will also turn 30 during this season. The biggest difference is he has two more years of NFL wear and tear on his body. The Texas product rekindled his career in Cincinnati where they have used him as a human battering ram over the past three years. Benson has had more success lately averaging 1,143 yards over the past three years and over six touchdowns. Benson would certainly be an upgrade as a power runner who could be used well in goal line and third down situations. He may be an upgrade in the change of pace game for Roy Helu over current Redskin Tim Hightower. Just keep him away from boats.