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Adam Carriker has Been Working Out in Heat to Simulate D.C. August Weather

Adam Carriker lives in Colorado, so in an attempt to mimic D.C. humidity for training camp, he explained his ridiculous, but logical, off-season regiment on his 4th and Pain wrestling podcast....

"This year we're practicing in the hottest part of the day . . . It's going to be hot. It's going to be humid. . . Basically in an attempt to mimic what I'm going through in training camp I put on a t-shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, one of my winter Nebraska -- what I wore in the winter in Nebraska when it was 0 degrees and the bears are hibernating because they're smart enough not to go outside -- I'm wearing this Nebraska hooded sweatshirt and then I'm wearing a winter stocking cap and then I put the hood on. Then I'll go run outside. And then I go lift at the gym.

"On the way to the gym I'm cranking the heat at 90 degrees full-blast as hot as it'll go. You know how when you get back to your car it's always 10-times hotter than when you left it? I don't cool it down. I don't roll the window down. I blast the heat. I make it hotter. It's just my little attempt to mimic that head which is going to be ridiculous throughout training camp. And then I lift. I do 500 pounds, I do 405 on the close-grip. This is just how I've been training. I sure hope it pays off because it sure hasn't been a lot of fun....there were a couple times I had to lay down because I thought I was going to pass out."

He also mentioned he drank 400 ounces of water day just to keep up. Dear. Lord. Here's video of him working out in full gear to give you an idea.